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Who's Who

Headteacher and Reserved Teacher: Mr David Nicholson

Assistant Headteachers: Mr Jim Haigh & Miss Eleanor Baliol-Key


Class Teachers:

Class 1 - Mrs Susie Jones (EYFS Lead, Phonics Lead )

Class 2 - Miss Sally Copley (Computing Lead) & Miss Rachel Newcombe (PSHE Lead)

Class 3 - Ms Liz Woodrow

Class 4 - Mrs Hannah Anderson (RE Lead & reserved teacher) 

Class 5 - Miss Rachel O'Dell (History Lead & Art Lead)

Class 6 - Mrs Charlene Fraser (DT Lead) (SENCO)

Class 7 - Ms Rachel Handley (Science Lead)

Class 8 - Miss D'arcy Lockley (PE Lead)

Class 9 - Miss Baliol-Key (Assistant Headteacher, Geography, MFL & Music Lead)

Class 10 - Mr Jim Haigh (Assistant Headteacher, Reading & Writing Lead)


Additional Teacher - Mrs Becky Jones  (SENCO)

Additional Year 5/6 Teacher - Ms Diana Flint (Maths Lead)


Teaching Assistants:

YR  - Mrs Ann Marie Deighton and Mrs Kathryn Taylor

Y1/2  - Mrs Jacky Briggs,  Mrs Victoria Willis & Mrs Joanne Hillier  

Y3/4 - Mrs Anne Coulson,  Miss Laura Barnes, Mrs Sam Denman & Mrs Kerry Whalley

Y5/6 - Miss Lynne McLaughlin, Mrs Shiree Weaver & Mrs Abigale Innes


PE & School Sport - Mr Harry Wright


Administrative support staff:

School Bursar - Mrs Jane Romans

Office Administrator - Mrs Heather Rowley


Lunch time supervisors:

Mrs Diana Hall

Mrs Faiza Muzaffar

Mrs Fleur Cooper

Mrs Fleur Baxter 

Mrs Joanne Hillier

Mrs Kerry Whalley

Mrs Katherine Price



Caretaking and Cleaning

Site Manager - Mrs Debbie Breckon

Cleaner - Mrs Julia  Paige 

Cleaner - Mrs Kerry Whalley