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RE Intent Statement

To be religiously literate in Christianity, Hinduism and Islam and have a broad knowledge of other world faiths.

From this September we will be using the revised version of the Religious Education Agreed Syllabus for Lincolnshire (2018-2023). We will be following this syllabus very closely for the planning, teaching and assessing of RE. There have been some significant changes to the syllabus. Children in Key Stage One will now explore two religions in greater detail. These religions are Christianity and Islam. Children in Key Stage Two will now study three religions in greater depth. These religions are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Children will still learn about other world religions but these will be taught through themes such as places of worship, pilgrimage or thankfulness. Please take a look at the overview for RE across the school. 


What a busy time in the Christian calendar !

We celebrated Christmas in school in many ways, including creating Nativity scenes with our  EYFS and KS1 children. These were displayed in St. Peter's church in Foston where many of our children live. The scenes were on display in the church just before Christmas alongside many scenes owned by local residents. here are some pictures of the scenes. 

Diwali Fun - Bollywood Dancing

Still image for this video

R.E. Displays

KS1 have been taking a really close look at some very special religious books and scrolls.  We compared the Christian Bible to the Jewish Torah and explored how closely they are linked together.  We were fascinated by the Hebrew language of the Torah and the way it is read form right to left. If you're curious as to why the children are using a lollipop stick to look at the Torah - ask them why!

Comparing the Bible to the Jewish Torah

In Key Stage 1 last term, we were thinking of some pretty BIG questions about God! Including what we thought he/she might look like.  Take a look at what we created using a variety of art materials.

What does God look like?


In R.E. we have been exploring the world faith of Hinduism.  Sunita Patel, a practicing Hindu, came into school and worked with all the children in KS2 doing a variety of faith related activities such as Rangoli art, Bollywood style dancing, story-telling and exploring what life is really like in India. Take a look at what we got up to!

KS2 Hindu Workshop Day

This term, in Key Stage 2, we visited the UKBAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir ( Temple) in Leicester.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the temple, but have a look at the outside decoration.  We also spent time soaking up the culture and looking at retail shops down the 'Golden Mile' where the children were delighted by the friendliness and generosity of the Asian shopkeeper and the vast array of trinkets, food and Asian fruit and vegetables on offer.

Visit to the UKBAPS Shri Swaminarayan ( Temple) Leicester