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Maths Intent Statement 


To be numerate and work logically in order to address the needs of everyday life and appreciate the power and beauty of mathematics.

This academy follows the National Curriculum in all subjects. If you wish to see the National Curriculum Overview for maths - please follow this link:


In order to deliver clear progression in maths we follow a mastery approach using a scheme of learning devised by The White Rose Maths Hub. To ensure deep and secure understanding in Key Stage 1, we use the NCETM  Curriculum Prioritisation framework with White Rose materials in support.  This ensures that the curriculum is taught in a logical manner and breaks learning down into small, manageable steps to help children understand new concepts better.  We follow a concrete- pictorial-abstract approach, which is proven to encourage long-lasting and deep understanding.

More information about the Mastery Approach can be found here:


Alongside the White Rose Scheme of Work, we have NumberSense Maths in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Year 3 Autumn Term . The programme systematically develops confidence and flexibility with number and fluency in addition and subtraction facts.  NumberSense is used in KS2 as an intervention. 

More information can be found here: 


Maths Curriculum Overview

Long Term Plans

Teachers follow a Mastery Approach to learning and move through the curriculum guided by the pupils' progress - "keep up" rather than "catch up".  These plans are for guidance only.

White Rose Spring Scheme of Learning  - explanation and detail

Year 1 Scheme of Learning

Year 2 Scheme of Learning

An adding journey through the key stages.

Counting carefully in the EYFS, are there enough bowls for the dogs?