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We had 2 books brought in today so we had to vote….The messy Meerkat by Amelia Cobb won the vote! Lydia brought this book in and she is enjoying reading it.

Lydia: I like it because it is about a meerkat and it is my favourite animal.

Elliott: I thought it was about a meerkat because Mrs Anderson’s favourite animal is a meerkat.

Erin: I like it because the grumpy man keeps on saying funny stuff!

Daisy: I like it because I like getting into mischief like the meerkats!

Hope: I like it because Zoe was asking the hippo what animal lives in sand and the hippo said maybe a …sand-wich!

Danny: I like it because meerkats are so cute!

Vera: I like it because it is about a meerkat and it is my second favourite animal.

Phoebe: I liked it because Meep (the mouse) said it was a….sand-wich!

Alex: I think it is a meerkat coming to the zoo because they live in sandy habitats. I liked it because it is one of my favourite animals.

The children listened to this story really well and have quoted lots of the words that were used. Great listening!

There are 20 other books in this series about all different animals.


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The year 2 boys arrived at Book club talking about The Great Fire of London, so we decided to look at the books that had been purchased to support the topic. The children were so knowledgeable they were telling me all the facts that they knew!

Josh said that there were more than 1000 barrels of gunpowder and if they had exploded they would have destroyed half of the city. Maisie said the fire started on Sunday 2nd September 1666 and it lasted for 4 days. She liked the map of London showing how much of London got burnt. Harriet said she saw a rat and a flea….it was in the book called ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’. So we read the book! Teddy thinks class 3 will like it because it’s got a rat in it. Tash liked it because they tell us more about history, things we might not know.  Freddie explained that the flea bit the maid who worked in the kitchen of the bakery on Pudding Lane where the fire started. The maid died. Teddy liked the book because it is about history and he likes history. George liked the book because it showed us Samuel Pepys burying his wine and his cheese. Harriet thinks class 2 will like it because they are learning about the Great Fire of London. Maisie thinks class 3 will like it because it has lots of information in it and you get to see what happened.

The internet is amazing….. but it is not better than looking at a good book!

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Teacher's reading display

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