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Class 1

Sports Day part 1

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Sports Day part 2

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Week 4 - Tiddalick  25th-29th January 2021  




Letters and sounds home

Maths- Counting by 10’s to 50.


Tiddalick the frog.

I will post work/videos.

Other subjects-

focusing on Australia-how it is different to where we live.


Phase 2- ck

Phase 3-oo moon

Session 1- Which show 6? Composition of 6



UW (geog)- Barnaby Bear you tube

Tiddalick Song-   

5 little speckled frogs-


Phase 2- e

Phase 3- oo book

Phonics wheel game.

Session 2-Sorting 6, 7 & 8 Composition of 7

Handwriting- o s



Count by 10’s song.


Phase 2- u

Phase 3- ar/car

Session 3-.Composition of 8


Write speech bubbles about how the animal felt.

Mrs White’s science lesson.

EAD-paint pictures of a frog Aboriginal style.


Phase 2- r

Phase 3- or/horn


Phonics matching game.

Session 4- Matching 6, 7 and 8

Barefoot books-Over in the meadow song. Counting song.


Reading vipers-video Mrs Jones




Music-   There is also a clip listening to a didgeridoo.


Phase 2&3- Review the week.

 Session 5-1 more and less

Lego day!

Supporting websites/programs-Phonics play, Number blocks, Alphablocks, BBC Bitesize, Starfall (reading).

Oxfordowls(reading books) -password and log in:jonesclass1  

P.E-Mr Goslings P.E You tube Long Bennington Academy

Cosmic kids yoga

Big Cat books


Week 3 timetable.


I do not want to use too make websites and confuse everyone.

So the main sites I will use are:

White Rose Home learning-maths

Oak National Academy-for English 

Letters and sounds home-for Phonics

I will give ideas for other work too, so children do not need access to a computer all day. I will post the work the night before  on Teams to give you an idea of what children could be doing the next day.

You can e-mail me anytime during the school day if you have any questions or worries.

Please do not try to do all of the work I set. Jut do what works for you and your family. Everyone is in a different situation, so don't compare yourself to others!

We can do it!

Best wishes

Mrs Jones



Home Learning Timetable


This is a timetable that you will hopefully find useful when carrying out your learning at home. I will be available daily live on Teams from 9.15-9.30 to set your morning work, 12.00-12.15 to review the morning work and finally 3.00-3.15 for a story. During the day I will be doing work with individual/groups of children, I will send messages to the children involved. During these times you will be able to talk to me and ask any questions you may have. If you have any other questions then you can message me via Teams or e mail ( and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.


Class 1 Time table







White Rose Maths





Understanding the world, Expressive Arts….art, music, geography!





Science with Mrs White






PE with Mr Gosling






Reggie and the girls!

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Levi and George

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The cutest singing!

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Friday-car making and mark making!


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How to help your child to blend a word they find tricky.


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Rosie and I made a little video to show how you can help your child with blending when reading.

Scissors, glue, tape, paperclips, tech card....

Busy in the classroom!

Treasure hunt for pre school.

Maths counting hunt.

Morning work-names.

Wow work bench!!!

Hedgehogs ready for hibernation!

Hedgehog book.

Sorting and matching activities.

Welcome to class 1!

Thank you for coming to have a look at our class page. We are very excited about showing you what we will be doing during the year.  I will update this page regularly so please keep checking, I will put on photos and information.

We have lots of lovely activities planned for this term! Our topic is "On the move", we will be learning about pirates, boats, lighthouses and lots more!


Just a few reminders to help everyone's days run more smoothly.....

  1. It can take time for children to settle: it is a big change and an exciting new adventure. We know it's hard if your child is getting upset at drop off time, but they do settle quicker once their parent has left. So grit your teeth, smile, say goodbye and leave! Thank you very much for your cooperation and support.
  2. Children need to bring a water bottle every day that can be refilled during the day-it helps our brains work. Do not put water bottles in the reading folders as we don't want any spillages and ruined books ahhh!
  3. We will have P.E on Thursday, on P.E days children must come to school in their P.E kit. Please check the weather and dress appropriately. Black jogging bottoms or leggings on chilly days.
  4. The best way to help and support your child is to read with them every day. Read their school book with them and sign the reading record book. Remember to read all different types of books, magazines, letters, signposts......everything!
  5. LABEL LABEL LABEL everything please! Keep checking that labels are still attached.
  6. If I have a concern about your child, I will contact you immediately. Please don't worry, just be reassured that everything is going well and your child is happy, settled and learning well. Equally, if you have a worry or a concern please come and see me at the end of the day or phone the office to arrange a suitable time to talk. The start of the day can be a bit hectic! 
  7. Remember children will be very tired at the end of the day, allow them to time to relax before asking them questions about their day!

Thank you very much.

Mrs Jones and class 1.



How we are staying safe.