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Class 9

Jinga came to talk to us about Hinduism

Welcome to class 9, a mix of some super year 6s and some fantastic year 5s!  Mrs White will teach the class on Mondays and I will do the remainder of the week, with Mr Gosling and Ms Flint also doing some lessons on a Thursday afternoon.  We are so looking forward to having you all in the classroom - hopefully for the full year this year! - and getting on with some brilliant learning.


Our PE days are Monday and Thursday - on Thursdays you can come in your outdoor PE kit so you don't need to get changed at school.  On Monday just year 5 to come in PE kit as, from 13th, year 6 will be going swimming.  We hope that all of year 6 are able to complete 25m by half term, and then the year groups will swap and year 5 will swim from half term until Christmas.  Mr Gosling will be doing Thursday's PE so you know it'll be a good one!


You've all had a really disrupted couple of years so we want this year to be a year where you all do your best, work hard and really show us what you're capable of.  We've got Ms Flint working with us every morning so that we can split years 5 and 6 into smaller groups to really give you an opportunity to get your teeth stuck in!  All of class 9's year 6s will join either Mr Haigh or Ms Flint in a morning, and we will gain 7 year 5s from class 8.  We will also work with class 8 every Monday afternoon for PE, with class 10 every Tuesday afternoon for science and all year 6's will spend some time with their reception buddies on a Friday.  There will be a parents meeting in a few weeks so that we can explain exactly how everything is going to work - all we ask of you is that whoever you are with , you are the best that you can be.


I am so looking forward to having you in class 9 - so much so that I am working 4 days a week this year instead of 3!  I know that we'll have a fab year together and I can't wait to get started.


Miss Baliol-Key laugh

Today in class 9 we were recapping our understanding on word classes. We wrote poems about our first day back at school.


                  First day back

           Nervous stomach twisting quickly like a spinning top.


Clean school uniform blowing in the wind.


Silky hair swaying in the wild playground.


Delicious pack lunch travelling to a new school day.


Shiny new shoes to run around with playmates.



By Eloise, Ines and Lottie

First day back at school


Excited faces jumping up and down having fun,

Bright backpacks bouncing in the sun,

Nice shiny and clean hair,

Clean shoes running happily through the playground

Excited to see new friends hopping with glee.


By Lilymay Teague and Georgia Elmslie