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Residential 2021

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Residential Day 2

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Sports Day

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Sports Day part 2

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In search of Charles the 1st

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Residential news!


A quick update to let everyone know that we will be camping on the school field on Thursday the 24th June. I will share details of the exciting events taking place on Thursday and Friday with you soon.



Good evening everyone. For reasons beyond my control, there will be no football club after school this week (22nd). I am sorry about this but will try to make it up to you.


If anybody sees this message and is able to pass it on to other footballers, I would be very thankful.  



Evening everybody. 


I hope you are all well and feeling a bit rested after half term. I can't wait to see you all tomorrow and there are just a few signs that we might be able to all be together again soon. Fingers crossed. My son, Alfie, is not at all happy that the break has ended and I understand why. He really needs to see his friends and be in school and not stuck in front of a screen and I think that must be the same for just about everybody else too. So, let's stay optimistic and face the next few weeks with positivity. I know you have the resilience and intelligence to do your best, be good kids at home and stay safe and happy. 


I'll attach the timetable so you can see what I hope to bring to you this week. My aim is for you to have some kind of purposeful PE this half term so we'll see how that works out. 


Take care and see you soon. 






Hello and good evening to all the parents of the beautiful children in  my class. We are getting close to the end of a really trying term and you need congratulating for your incredible patience, consistent support and management of these wonderful young people and those impressive juggling techniques. I am in awe of you. It is hard enough to teach children, even those as infinitely teachable and conscientious as the lovely lot in Class Ten,, but to do so whilst trying to keep the wolf from the door is another thing altogether. I really miss every one of them very much and it is hard to take the fact that so much of what has happened to them for nearly a year has been so unfair. You've done brilliantly though and I can appreciate the strain this may have caused. Your homes are not supposed to be classrooms and you must have found ways to carry on with your jobs too. My own children don't take kindly to me trying to help them with their school work, so I know how it is.


Anyway, please remember to contact me if there is anything I can do, 


Take care,


Mr. Haigh.


PS. I do know when I've been muted during my class reading time so I'm afraid there is no getting out of it. If the kids are subjected to me, you have to suffer along with them! 

Here is your weekly timetable. Notice that we want to continue with Well-being Wednesday, so no screen time in the afternoon.

If watching David Attenborough last night wasn't enough to make the world sit up and listen, perhaps this will:

Thank you my dear class for your continued efforts with Home Schooling and please pass on my gratitude to your marvelous adults, without whom I think we would be struggling. It is easy to forget to appreciate the grown ups in your lives and so make sure you stay respectful, thoughtful and kind. A small gesture goes a very long way with parents. 

I bought Lilia a book for Christmas and she's not really looked at it. Actually, it's one that Grace told me was brilliant, 'The Girl of Ink and Stars', and I was beginning to feel a bit sad that she hadn't tried it. I had half an hour with her on Friday night, sharing the opening couple of chapters and talking about it, just a little bit. She didn't say anything more about it on Saturday and I wondered if it might be one of those things where I become a boring naggy Dad and end up putting her off. Then, quite bu surprise, she gave me a present. It was a really cute bookmark with our names on and The Girl of Ink and Stars' written across it. She'd spent ages drawing and colouring it in and it was my weekend highlight. I'm still really happy about it and it's half way through Sunday. So, what small thing can you do that might make a big difference to someone important in your life? 


I have to go; I've got to tidy the house and wash up after my children now! I might just sneak a few of those chocolates that Ben sent me though. Cheers matey! 

Sunday 24th January. 


Just a quick Hello to everyone and I hope you are enjoying the weekend. This snow looks just the kind to play in; I imagine the school field must look perfect for a giant snowman. Get your wellies on and get building. You can post pictures on Teams, if you like. 


I'm including the latest timetable for the week and you'll find it in Assignments too. I'd like to do a couple of more guided English writing lessons this week, so I'll let you know about that during our Monday morning meeting. 


Take care everyone and see you later. 

Monday 18th January 2021


Good morning everyone.


I read something last night that got me thinking about all of you and I wanted to share my thoughts, in case they are helpful.


We talk about always aiming to do your best with anything that you turn your hand to. There is satisfaction in giving things a go when you weren't confident that you could be successful. But there is a danger in aiming to be perfect. Doing YOUR best is not the same as being THE best.  That would be an exercise in comparing yourself with other people, and we we know that is a totally pointless task. To do that can very often make people feel inadequate and then the worries kick in. How about we approach tasks with the idea that whatever you do might inspire someone else. You bring unique skills and abilities to everything and you could be the person who helps to empower others. So, let's not aim to be perfect because that is impossible but rather, let's enjoy what we do and see if that joy spreads. 


In addition, may I repeat the message that I am already immensely proud of you all and your parents too. It is really hard to send work home and be sure that it is exactly right for you. If we were in school, I could immediately notice who needed help or if I need to set more work. I can't see that very well when you are at home. This next bit is important: I am setting tasks which could be about right for you; however, please just do what you can do. I am not insisting that you all work so hard that it becomes distressing. If you can't do something or finish it all, that is OK. Equally, for those of you who seem to thrive in this environment, I know  you have ways to extend your own learning. Isabelle decided to teach herself a completely new language last week. Crikey! 


Learning should be enjoyable. Always remember that. 

Here is the timetable for week 3: 



Oh my goodness! At a time when families are under lots of pressure, it was absolutely stunning when staff at school were treated to a most welcome delivery today. Thank you so much to everyone who decided to send in some beautiful cakes for us. It was the kindest thought. 


I am finding it really hard to know how to deliver online learning so that it suits everyone and places no undue stress to parents who have all of their own work to do already. To have taken the time and expense to organise that gift for us was incredibly kind, so thank you once again. 

Sunday 10th January


Hi everyone.


I am adding the timetable for this week below and, who knows, it might even work out the way I have planned it. It is only an overview, so the lessons will still be delivered on TEAMS. 


I hope you're weekend is going well and you are keeping safe. 

Here is a timetable for the rest of this week's learning and I know you will all do your best to tackle each piece of work. If you have any issues with using computers at home, please ask your parents to contact school because we may be able to help you with that. There has been a Parentmail with this information sent out already, I believe. 



A message to all parents and children:


Following the government announcement this evening, school will be closed from Tuesday 5th for all children.  A parentmail has been sent but not everyone will have been able to see this. 

Staff will be in school working hard to ensure that we fulfil our responsibility for our children's learning.  

We will continue our provision for the children of key workers, of course and information about this will be sent to you.  The work provided for Home schooling will largely be on Teams and we will endeavour to make this as purposeful and suitably challenging as possible.  We want to provide the children with comprehensive opportunities to communicate with teachers and aim to begin this with gusto on Wednesday. In Class Ten, I have already sent some work on Teams for tomorrow.  This applies to other classes as well. 

We are incredibly sad about the situation but are more determined than ever to stick together and help our incredible children through this increasingly  frustrating time. 

As ever,  we want to support our entire school community as much as possible and I urge all parents to talk to us if there is anything you are unclear about or need help with. 


Mr Haigh 


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Heart Dissection in Upper KS2

Inspirational People Week was absolutely brilliant.

Hockey skills in Y6

Incredible focus during today's writing lesson.

Thank you to Dan Hawbrook from Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership for another excellent workshop on keeping safe online. 

Another occasion when my class were exemplary , enthusiastic and excited. "E- 'in't t'internet grand."

Alice: this year's first star in Class Ten

Birthday cake is fun to eat.

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Alice, our first Star of the Week this year, has not been forgotten about. Her picture will appear at some point (once it stops playing hide and seek!).

Recent Stars of the Week.




Class Ten begin Samba sessions, which was great fun.


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14th September 2020


Good evening Class Ten


Just a quick message to say how pleased I am with you already this week. 

We have got some really exciting clay work under way, your work on negative numbers today was excellent and the descriptive writing on the Romans is full of exciting word choices (although it will keep me up all night marking!!) 

For those of you who at home with colds and other yuckiness, take it easy and get well. If you are able to do anything and feel at a loose end, watch the Horrible Histories episode on Boudicca, which can be found on iPlayer. I also strongly urge all of you to watch the Extinction programme with David Attenborough. Although it deals with some pretty upsetting issues, it made me really satisfied that every expert on there was saying the things we looked at least term. I can fully imagine my old class shouting at the TV last night: 

"We learned about that last year!" 

We are starting to get into the juicy bit of our class text, 'The Boy at the Back of the Class.' Make sure you are in school if you want to see a grown man cry, because this book gets me (like so many great books do) every time I read aloud.)


Looking forward to seeing you in the morning, ready to learn with your open minds and hearts. 

6th September. 2020


Hello everyone. 


Thank you so much for the way you came back to school last week. Your attitude and commitment to learning was spot on and I really enjoyed how you showed care and respect for each other too. I've got a good feeling about this year! 


Just a reminder that Monday is PE day so please arrive tomorrow ready for action. We will be doing Hockey, which I love to teach and should be terrific fun. I recall a few of you have represented school at hockey already. Am I imagining Alfie and Nate playing in the team? Let me know. 


See you tomorrow.   

 Monday 31st August 2020


Good morning everyone and I hope you're having a lovely Bank Holiday. 

This is just a quick message to wish all of the wonderful people from last year's class all the luck in the world with new schools and teachers. This is where it gets truly interesting and your futures will begin to take shape. Make the most of every minute and I'll look out of for stories of your achievements. 


To my new class: I am very excited to have you all together, but, like you, I need to get going again and it feels a little daunting, even for me! So we'll meet up on Thursday outside school and then take everything one step at a time. Bring some trainers to do a few exercises outside and then we'll quickly realise that the new year has begun. It's still very uncertain so I'll look after you and you can look after me, by working hard and doing your best. 


I've got some brilliant books to share with you so that we start to feel unified and like a class. The classroom is looking nice and tidy, ready for loads of good learning. It's a bit soul-less without you though. 


That's it for me now because the sun is shining and I need to get out there and kick a ball. 


See you very soon,


Mr H


PS  .To Jack Pinder: My favourite football team had a player with the same name as you, although it was a long time ago. You realise this means that I will already look upon you as a legend, right? 

You are our shining lights

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Additional Maths Activities - Please feel free to pick and choose the activities to suit

Additional Key Stage 2 Project - Please feel free to pick and choose the activities to suit