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Mesolithic Tribe found in the woods…

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Y6 clay work. Just look at Connor, who is taking care to view his work from all angles.




A message to parents and carers. 


Thank you to everyone who was able to join us this evening , albeit virtually. It was a shame that we were not able to meet in person because that is really important for schools like ours. We have missed having the opportunity for you to be involved in school and we really want everyone to feel part of what we are doing at Long Bennington Academy. Still, better to be safe and be in a position to move forward with growing confidence and good health. You did a magnificent job juggling work and home schooling last year and the children have returned to us ready to learn and are already making telling progress. 


I am so proud of this school and everyone in it. We have incredible staff, who are dedicated and devoted to your children. Each day, I witness compassion, patience and love being shared amongst all of our young people and little miracles pop up like indoor fireworks in every classroom. Equally, we know how fortunate we are to have the privilege of working with these exceptional pupils. Personally, I think I have the best job in the world. Every year there are a fresh set of Y6 super stars for me to enjoy spending my days with and I will be giving this year's children everything I've got to give them a year to remember. Come along with us if you have time to spare. We always need extra pairs of hands, be that to listen to readers, help with educational visits or even accompany us on the bus to go swimming. 


Please remember to talk to us when you have concerns or queries. We are always reflective and never assume we've got everything right, although we truly believe our decision making is born out of a genuine desire to help the children to be safe, happy and suitably challenged in their learning. We will do our utmost to be available for you, should you wish to talk to us. 


Finally, we are in church on Sunday: the choir will be singing their beautiful hearts out with the service beginning at 10.30am. It would be lovely to see you. 





Day 4 and we are 'Unstoppable'.

Saturday 4th September 2021


Hello Class 10.


There is a rumour going around that school begins again on  Monday, which I hope is true because I am excited and ready to welcome you all back and begin our learning journey together. I usually promise all sorts of things at this stage: exciting lessons, new friendships, great laughs, terrible attempts from me to be funny,  incredible achievements and much more. Due to the unfortunate experiences of too much disruption that you have all suffered, it would be remiss of me to begin with promises of that nature. 


So, with a spirit of adventure burning bright;  the determination to take on new challenges and the evergreen desire to enjoy ourselves, we will go into 2021/2022 together, as a new team and look forward, rather than behind us. 


You might have seen a newsletter to let you know some details.

  • We will be swimming this term and I'll tell you which day when I see you.
  • PE will be on Thursday to begin with so wear your kit on that day. 
  • You'll be able to collect a new book this week. Have you done so much during the holidays that you can now move onto a new band? 
  • We will be meeting on the playground (not the car park anymore) and, since you are sophisticated Y6, you'll be able to come in independently when the bell rings. 
  • We will work together as a Y6 in lots of ways this year, regardless of the class you are in. 


Are you coming? I'll see you on Monday. 




Please allow me to hang on to a few posts from last year just a little longer as a reminder of some splendid young people. We'll get plenty of pictures of our own very soon. 

Residential 2021

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Residential Day 2

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Sports Day

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Sports Day part 2

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In search of Charles the 1st

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