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Class 10

Friday 9th February



Thank you for your hard work during these dark, cold weeks, Class Ten. As ever, I am in awe of you and can't believe how lucky I am to get to be part of your journey through school.  We have performed balances and counter balances, written about The Repair Shop, shared tears of joy reading brilliant books, welcomed a new classmate and his teacher, been involved in basketball, boccia and swimming, eaten biscuits, stood on tables, solved algebraic equations and drawn  frogs, painted trees and produced the most beautiful bird images I have seen for a very long time. 


Every mishap was managed and you have carried on bringing kindness, joy and integrity to everything that we do. 


Tickle away at your homework and rest as much as you need during the break. It's Valentine's Day next week so, boys, remember my wise words about chocolate. That's all I can give you on that subject. 


Read, write, sing, watch Gladiators and pray for York City (if you want to) 


Love you lots


Mr H


Monday 4th December. 


Due to the cold, wet weather, I have withdrawn our team from the tournament today. I am sorry girls but at least you will be warm and dry at school and your parents need to know what is happening as soon as possible. 




27th November 2023

Girls' Football is off due to the inclement weather. Sorry everybody.



Sewing skills in Class Ten. Takes me back to the time when I was the Blanket Stitch World Champion (back in the 90s). Honestly, some of these children are NEARLY as good.

Football OFF!


I'm sorry to say that the inclement weather has meant that we will have to postpone the games tonight and Mr Buckeridge and I are already trying to sort a new date.



I think I’m going to enjoy teaching writing this year. Look at the quality of these first pieces; 

Not bad for a first piece of writing in Y6!

Dearest children/adventurers/mystical creatures and magicians of Y6,


I am very excited to see you all tomorrow and already want to thank you for providing me with the very best reason there is to get my brain going again. Resting is important and so is learning new things. Together, we will make a flying start and remind ourselves of how brilliant we are, especially when we work as a team.  


A few of things you need to know:


Please bring PE things in and leave them in school. Your lessons will be on Tuesday and Friday but there will be loads of clubs to join that might need sporty clothing. 

I will be giving you homework to do, usually on Friday and never anything that we haven't looked at already. It will be the good stuff, of course: reading, spelling, times tables and anything else that I think you will benefit from. I expect you to be responsible for this and you cannot blame your mum if it isn't completed on time! 


You do not have anything to worry about. Just come in and join me, see your friends and other grown ups and get ready to be inspired. We always have a great time in Y6 (even if there are challenges along the way) and you have the opportunity to become very proud of yourselves. 


Just focus on being kind to start with. Do that and you won't go far wrong.