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Computing & E-Safety

Computing Intent Statement

To be digitally literate in order to access today’s technology in a safe and efficient way.

During this unprecedented time of school closure and isolation, we would like to do our very best to support our pupils and their parents, while working online, at home.


As a school, we recommend that any primary age pupils, working on-line at home access ‘age appropriate content’ and should be monitored by parents while using any internet based communication service e.g. iPad, iPod, X-box, e-mail, text, smartphone. 


In order to keep your child safe at home our advice would be for you to:

  • supervise any and all internet access, while at home, by a pupil of our school (4-11 years old) e.g. while children are on-line they should be in the same room as the adult;
  • monitor the applications your child is downloading/using e.g.  from iTunes, Play Store
  • limit the amount of time pupils have access to technology to avoid excessive usage of age appropriate on-line gaming and internet access;
  • inform your child/ren that you will periodically check internet search histories and follow through e.g. monthly; and 
  • regularly monitor and review access to: age appropriate chat rooms e.g. Kik, Moshi Monsters, and other social media.  

Prior to children accessing the internet through:

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Ipads
  • Ipods
  • or on-line gaming via X-Box etc


Parents should ensure up to date security software/protocols are installed and enable any:

1. Fireguards and anti-virus software;

2. Parental controls; and

3. Filters before use by children.


Parents should discuss with their child/ren what they would do, if someone:

  • e-mailed or verbalised
  • or text
  • or sent inappropriate images
  • or posted content


they deemed inappropriate or hurtful or they had not given permission to be used.


Encourage and remind your child/ren:

  • to tell their parent (and/or teacher/trusted adult) when they are worried about something on-line so appropriate action can be taken;
  • that no personal details should ever be shared on-line e.g. name, age, school, address etc.