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We are now using a system called Sounds & Syllables to help children to spell words.  Children may come home with some words to learn and there is a specific way that you can help them do this:


  1. say the word in a spelling voice
  2. snip the word into syllables
  3. segment the words into sounds
  4. target tricky spellings
  5. link to similar word


Your child will be familiar with this process from both their spelling lessons and their writing lessons so if you can reinforce this process at home it would be very useful.  We are also asking children to always have a go at spelling an unknown word using the above process before an adult helps them, hopefully making them much more independent when it comes to their spelling.  The Sounds & Syllables programme teaches all of the words and spelling patterns from the national curriculum so children should become much more confident and able with their spelling as they move through the school.


The following lists shows the key spelling words that your child must be able to spell by the end of their school year. They should also be able to spell the spellings from previous years.   It is expected that your child spells these words correctly in their work every time and they should be using the Sounds & Syllables process to help them do this.