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Sports Day part 1

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Sports Day part 2

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Good morning wonderful Class 2,


If you haven’t heard already, we will not be in the classroom for a few weeks. I am very sad about the situation as I love seeing your beautiful, smiling faces every day and being in the classroom with you all.


However, we are meeting as a team today to organise a plan on how to move forward with our online learning. Although it will not be the same as seeing you in person, it does mean I will still get to read you a story every day and I will be there in the morning and afternoon to talk to you about the work for the day ahead.

I pray that we can be in the classroom together again soon, but until then, please know that I will do my best to help you at home and I that am only an email/message/phone call away if needed.


Online learning will start tomorrow, so here is your tasks for today, go for a walk, enjoy some fresh air, play with your toys and relax. J


Sending you all a big Miss Copley hug, see you soon!

Miss Copley x

We love investigating in Science. Today we made plasticine lilly pads. We rolled, shaped, squeezed and twisted our plasticine into almost perfect lilly pads. Some floated beautifully and some sank like stones. Eventually after lots of trying and not giving up  some of us managed to make lilly pads that could  hold lots of frogs.😀

Science in Class 2

We had a great afternoon playing a traditional conker game. We tested our conkers, some had been baked in the oven, some soaked in vinegar and some were painted with nail varnish. Some of our conkers just would not break, even when we tried to smash them against the wall.



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Partake pirates...

Hello & welcome to Class 2!


We are here at the first day of term, ready to start the year and I can’t wait!!

I'm Miss Copley and Mrs Willis is our lovely TA, we are both SO excited to make this year one to remember!

Please keep an eye out for this page to be updated with photos and activities that we have been doing in class.


I know that your child starting reception may be a scary aspect, but we want you and your child to feel safe, secure and very welcome in this new environment. So please ask me any question (no matter how small you think the question may be) and I will try and give you as much information as possible!


This term, we have created our foundation stage curriculum around some of our favourite books! We can’t wait to get started with ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’, ‘After the Storm’, and 'One spring day'.

In Year One we will be starting the term with the topic 'On the go...', I am very excited to do lots of fun learning with you all!


Now finally, here are a few pointers for things to run as smoothly as possible:




  • We have PE on a Wednesday! So please make sure your child comes to school that day in their PE kit.


  • LABELS! Please label everything that belongs to your child.


  • Please bring a water bottle to school as we refill and drink these throughout the day, but do not put drinks in reading folders! As it may leak and all paper and books will be ruined!


  • Snacks - We Like to have a morning snack and an afternoon snack if the children get hungry! It breaks up the day as we are not having our 'usual' play times at the moment. 


  • If your child is not having school packed lunch, please bring a packed with their name on.


  • Read, read and read! We love to encourage reading for a purpose and making reading enjoyable! Read signs, read labels, anything! If you have read one of your child’s reading books or they’ve read a bed time story, please fill in the reading records, I’d love to read your comments! (Look at the objective in the front of the reading record as a reminder of what we are asking for).


  • Please also know that if I have any worries or concerns regarding your child, please be reassured that I will contact you straight away!


  • Finally, when dropping your child of at the gate, as hard as it might be, please leave as quickly as possible, the tears do stop quicker once parents leave! I will ring you/send a message to let you know that they are okay ASAP.


If there is anything you would like to talk to me about or ask me, please come and have a chat with me! I am only a phone call away!


Thank you!

Miss Copley and Mrs Willis 



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