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Sculpture fun in Class 2

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Welcome to Class 2' class page!


We are here at the first day of term, ready to start the year and I can not wait!!

I'm Miss Copley and Mrs Willis is our lovely TA, and we are both SO excited to make this year one to remember!

Please keep an eye out for this page to be updated with any photos and activities that we have been doing in class.


I know that your child transitioning into year 1 will seem completely untrue after the reception year has just flown by! But...we want you and your child to feel safe, secure and very welcome in their new environment. So please ask me any question (no matter how small you think the question may be) and I will try and give you as much information as possible!


In KS1 we teach a new topic every half term. This first term, we are going to be asking the big question, 'Where does our food come from?'. I cannot wait to teach the children all about it and for them to create some brilliant work! Wherever possible, if your child would like to bring their learning home, you could research where the food on your dinner plate comes from, is that country close? Do you have to fly there? Is that country hot? All of these questions will really help dig deeper for your child's learning. 


Now finally, here are a few pointers for things to run as smoothly as possible:


  • We have PE on a Monday and Thursday! So please make sure your child comes to school that day in their PE kit.


  • LABELS! Please label everything that belongs to your child. This includes, banana cases, caps, jumpers and bottles! (You wouldn't believe the lengths we have to go to when matching up jumpers to children, the sniff test is the most successful!)


  • Children do not need a reading folder AND a backpack. If you have packed lunches – a backpack is probably best. If your child has hot dinners, a reading folder will be fine.


  • Please bring a water bottle to school as we refill and drink these throughout the day, but do not put drinks in reading folders! As it may leak and all paper and books will be ruined!


  • Snacks - We have a snack at first break and then fruit is provided for the second break, so one snack is enough.


  • Read, read and read! We love to encourage reading for a purpose and making reading enjoyable! Read signs, read labels, anything! If you have read one of your child’s reading books or they’ve read a bed time story, please fill in the reading records, I love to read your comments! 


  • Please also know that if I have any worries or concerns regarding your child, please be reassured that I will contact you straight away!


  • Finally, when dropping your child of at the gate, as hard as it might be, please leave as quickly as possible, the tears do stop quicker once parents leave! I will ring you/send a message to let you know that they are okay ASAP.


If there is anything you would like to talk to me about or ask me, please come and have a chat with me!


Thank you!

Miss Copley and Mrs Willis 



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