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Star of the week - week 2... I couldn't not upload this photo! Look at Joel's beaming smile!!

Star of the week - week 2... I couldn't not upload this photo! Look at Joel's beaming smile!! 1

Digestion experiment... look at the girls faces for how they felt about it!

Reading Vipers...

Reading Vipers questions...

Pages 1-3

V: Which word on page 1 means the same as ‘big’ or ‘huge’?

I: What might Jim be thinking and feeling when he sees the plant outside his window?

E: Do you think it is sensible for Jim to climb the plant?

P: Where do you think the plant will lead?

Our star of the week....

Our star of the week.... 1 for your determination and hard work with adding!

Bubble painting and flowers...

More bubbles...

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Thank you Mrs White, we loved our bubble experiment!

Today...Gardening and Mrs White' science experiment!

Reading Vipers questions - 


Before reading

What is the title of the book?

Which characters can you see on the front cover?

Who might the little boy be?

What might he be doing?

What sort of book might it be?

Who is the author/illustrator?

Who might like this book?

Does this remind you of another story?

Reading Vipers

Reading Vipers 1

The boys and Hettie really wanted me to show you their play-dough creations, what a treat...enjoy!

The fairies arrived...

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The children were SO excited... everyone wanted to write a letter back to the fairies and write down their wishes.

The fairies arrived...

Hello everyone, 


This week so far we have made a book all about the beach, we have started a maths booklet (which is linked below!) and we have made a fairy hotel, with some lovely signs. 


I hope you are all having a lovely time at home. 


Tomorrow we are going to describe where we would go if we were to float on a bubble and complete some more from the maths booklet.


Bubble video -



Miss Copley.  

Fairies...please stop here! Class 2 decided to make a fairy house today and we made signs for them.

Class 2's layout...

Class 2's layout...  1


Still image for this video

Rainbow Jelly...


This took my ALL day yesterday (photos below), so we have to be patient when making our jelly... I measured mine using snack a jacks and tried to make every layer 2 snack a jacks tall... red, orange, green and blue (I used food colouring for the final colour).


Measure the water you're mixing in jugs, how much water? How much jelly? Which bowl would be best to use? Which cups would be best to use? Are the big enough? Do they need to be bigger? or smaller maybe? 


Talk all the way through about measuring everything! (use items to measure height, e.g. cubes, biscuits and then count the items to measure...)


Remember, one layer at a time... make sure its set before adding the next layer... keep checking and talk about how much time each layer will need etc...

I cannot wait to see your rainbow jelly creations.










National Academy...






Rainbow Jelly...

Rainbow Jelly... 1
Rainbow Jelly... 2


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Story writing...

Still image for this video

Counting in 10's...

Still image for this video

Fishing for phonics...

Still image for this video
'ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure,er'

You are our shining lights

Still image for this video



Good morning,



This morning is the snail game, but this time with our key words!



This is a link to a really fun lesson about directions. Follow the lesson and then have a go at making your own map.


***I have also uploaded some more fun games to Purple Mash!



For PSED today I want you to talk about what makes a great friendship, just like the snail and the whales. 

Ask the following questions and then draw a pictures of your friends and something you'd like to say to them.


What is a friend?

How do we make friends?

How do we choose friends?

Who are our friends?

What makes a good friend?

Why are friends important?

How does it feel when we have no friends?

Why do we trust our friends?

Who were Jesus’ special friends?

What makes you a good friend?


Have a good day and a lovely weekend in the sunshine! :)

Miss Copley.

Snail game...

Snail game... 1



Good morning,



Read the silly sentences and write some silly sentences yourself - picture below.



Whale information books - I'm lacking my own felt tips so feel free to make yours more colourful !


Whale facts can be found here... 



Have a go at the doubling and halving magnet fishing challenge set last week if you haven't already.



Have a go at making your own instruments! Can you make LOUD instruments? Can you make QUIET instrument? Show me what you can do!! 


Have a good day! :)

Miss Copley.




Phonics... 1



Good Morning,

Here are today's activities...


Phonics -

Today is spellings! Practice all of your CVC spellings and key words, make sure you are reading, covering, writing and checking to get them right!









Shape, Space and Measure - 

Today is SSM. Measure all the different penguins you can find? (pictures on class 1 web page if needed). Which species of penguin weights the most? Can you see what objects are the same weight and height as a penguin? Can you time the penguin race (found below)? Who was slower? Who was faster? 


PE - 

Penguin obstacle race! Male penguins carry the egg on their feet, can you carry the egg on your feet and complete the obstacle race? (Top tip: we sellotaped the ball to our legs...)


My demonstration is below! Sorry about my socks and shoes and sorry I lost!! I'll try harder next time! 


Guided reading - 

Mrs Jones will be uploading the new guided reading work.


ICT - 

New tasks on purple mash! :)




Have a good day, and send your obstacle races to me! I can make a montage of all of the videos!


Miss Copley. laugh

PE - Penguin race

Still image for this video
Have a go at the penguin obstacle race! Our garden isn't the biggest but we made do with what we did have and had fun!! (well I did... not sure about Ed...)

Reading eggs...

Still image for this video
Jasper's mummy has kindly shared these videos to show us what the readings eggs app is like...

Today's lessons....

Still image for this video



Good Morning,

Hope you're all having a fun week, hopefully the sun will start shining again today! 


Phonics -

Have a look at today's phonics lessons on YouTube. Today's sounds are 'or' / blending with 'h'.


Next using key words, feed the penguins!! Then create some sentences about penguins using those key words! (


My demonstration is below!!


Maths - 

After is maths! Today is doubling and halving using a fishing rod, have a go at making one yourself! Once you have caught the numbers, double them or halve them.  


My demonstration is below!


Music - 

Then music, you have ever seen a penguin come to tea? Learn the dance and send me some videos!


Find the rhythm and beat to the song and dance!


Have a good day, 


Miss Copley. laugh

Fishing for numbers!!

Still image for this video
I used a giant stick, string and a fridge magnet to make my fishing rod. This lesson is maths (doubling and halving), science (magnets) and SSM (measuring the string) Enjoy!!

Phonics - feed the penguin...

Still image for this video
Have a look at the video, feed the penguin and use those key words to do some writing about penguins! Lots of information videos on YouTube! :)

Friday Video - week 2

Still image for this video
I did make a 3 minute video with lovely messages but it was too big to upload (heartbroken)... Thank you for a great week and all of your hard work. I have loved receiving your photos and messages. Missing you all lots, speak soon and have a great weekend. Miss Copley.



Good morning! laugh



First we have some pirate phonics. The sounds link to the phonics lessons we have been watching. Link here for anyone who needs it...


You can use the sounds I have used or alternatively, if you are doing the earlier lesson, you can use 'a' 'p' 'e'. 



Then we have some walk the plank maths - count the objects, what will sink? what will float? How many in each pile? Add them together? etc...


Expressive Arts

Finally some expressive arts and movement - Get creative and have fun dancing around to this pirate song...


Movements - Pirates

The children will create different movements for a variety of pirate sayings in an area.

“Walk the Plank!” – One foot in front of the other.

“Cannonballs!” – Jogging and dodging the five cannonballs.

“Man overboard!” – Run to edge of area and shout, “Jim Lad, I’ll save ye!”

“Man the lifeboats!” – In groups or by themselves rowing, turning and walking backwards.

“Scrub the decks!” and “Treasure Hunt” Movements


Have a good day! :)

Miss Copley.

Walk the plank maths


Still image for this video
Listen for the sounds - find the correct pirate

My pirate family... (PSED/RE)

My pirate family... (PSED/RE) 1 Can you create your own family ship?



Ah harrrrr me hearties good morning... 

Here is the story linked with pirate for you all to watch..


Below you will find a key words treasure hunt... read some clues and then have a go a writing them yourself. Can you also try and include the phonics sounds you have been learning? 'ai' and todays sound 'ee'. Thats a challenge!!


Then below that is Mrs Jones' maths game. 


Have fun and let me know if you find any treasure me hearties!!! 

Hello from Captain Lana...

Still image for this video

Treasure hunt time!

Still image for this video
This morning, read all of your keys words to find the treasure... my clues were 'on top of the TV' 'In the bin' 'In the sink' 'In the mug' 'with the forks'....Then why not write your own clues for your mummies and daddies to find the treasure!! Good Luck...


Still image for this video
Tell a number story about the pirates on the boat, how many get on? How many now? Count on from how many you had 3 and 2 more 345! Same as yesterday!

23.04.20 -


Good morning everyone.


Maths -

So today's work is still underwater themed... for our maths lesson I have uploaded underwater themed numbers 1-20... I thought a fun challenge would be to hide these around the house/garden and act as a shark to hunt them down... every time they find a number (...following on from yesterday) ask them what is either 1 more or 1 less... then once all of the number are found, order them.  

(again if you do not have a printer, just write them numbers on paper/card etc...)


Literacy/Understand the world - 

If i were a....

Attached are some examples of animals with speech bubbles (again create your own if necessary)... each document has a YouTube information video attached... (the seahorse one tells you why a seahorse has a curly tail, which was one of your questions!)

Watch the video and then write as if you were that animal. It could be one or two of the facts you have learnt 'I am big' 'I hav lots of legs' etc... is perfect.


Have fun!


Miss Copley.


Spellings... Summer term / week 1


Look at the word and the letters in it, say them, repeat them.

Cover the word and then write it...without looking!

Check it and then write it again.









If you're struggling with these spellings try these first...








Ordering numbers 1-20...

Phonics sound sheets

Phonics sound sheets 1
Phonics sound sheets 2

22.04.20 -

Good Morning!!


Below you will find a writing task, a maths game and a phonics game. 


For the writing task, please feel free to extend and simplify as you require. You could write sentences describing the underwater picture or you could stick to captions/simple sentences. If you do not have a printer, why not draw your own underwater scene and label/write simple sentences, I know how many of the children are fantastic artists!! 


I will be available all day today to answer any questions and reply to emails! 


Missing you all!

Miss Copley 

My example of writing - Wednesday

My example of writing - Wednesday  1
My example of writing - Wednesday  2

WOW Miss Copley that  spider's web is amazing! I love it. Great idea. Will have a go here too (no pressure!) From Mrs Jones



How to access free Collins Big Cat ebooks

Access 330+ free KS1 ebooks from our primary reading programme

Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 


Password: Parents20! 

and click Login. 

Great game Miss C! Oh dear Ed I think you may need to improve your key word recognition skills. You do sound like you are having a lot of fun Miss C! Fab video thank you. Love from Mrs Jones x x 

A few YouTube videos to help with maths... 


Counting in 10's... 


Jack Hartmann is great for fun maths songs!


Counting in 2's... 


Number bonds to 10...


In the event of children staying at home during normal school time I am offering the following advice and guidance to help them to keep working.


Please find below a link to Twinkl website as they are offering free activities for parents to access at home:


Once logged on, you should see a link for home education resources that are year group specific.  



In addition to this the following we are also suggested:


1.Read for pleasure-read your own books at home, discuss the vocab, discuss any unknown words, sequence the story, who are the characters, what is the setting?

2. Numberblocks-watch on-line linked to Early Years maths curriculum.

3. Alphablocks-watch on-line linking to letters we have learnt.

4. Purplemash-we will be sending home a log in for you to access activities, if your child is off school we will message your details through to you.

5. Spellings- revise the spellings previously learnt and use the spellings to make sentences.

6. Reading targets in your reading diary-apply them to your reading book or any book at home.

7. Handwriting- handwriting practise, letter formation.

8. Writing-write cards to people who are poorly, shopping lists, thank you cards to nurses/doctors.

 9. Phonics Play -  We are currently on Phase 3. Login: march20 Password: home


If you are unable to access these online activities, please ring or email and I will send some paper copies home.

Welcome to Class 2!


We are here at the first day of term, ready to start the year and I can’t wait!!

I'm Miss Copley and Mrs Moulds is our lovely TA, we are both SO excited to make this year one to remember!

Please keep an eye out for this page to be updated with photos and activities that we have been doing in class.


I know that your child starting reception may be a scary aspect, but we want you and your child to feel safe, secure and very welcome in this new environment. So please ask me any question (no matter how small you think the question may be) and I will try and give you as much information as possible!


This term, we have created our foundation stage curriculum around some of your children’s favourite books! We can’t wait to get started with ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’, ‘Super Worm’ and ‘Dear Zoo’.


Now finally, here are a few pointers for things to run as smoothly as possible:


  • Read, read and read! We love to encourage reading for a purpose and making reading enjoyable! Read signs, read labels, anything! If you have read one of your child’s reading books or they’ve read a bed time story, please fill in the reading records, I’d love to read your comments! (Look at the objective in the front of the reading record as a reminder of what we are asking for).


  • We have PE on a Tuesday and Friday! So please make sure your child has their PE kit ready for those days, we keep all PE kits at school until the half term. Also, please try and wear trousers and socks on PE days, as tights are very tricky to change in and out of!!


  • LABELS! Please label everything that belongs to your child.


  • Please bring a water bottle to school as we refill and drink these throughout the day, but do not put drinks in reading folders! As it may leak and all paper will be ruined!


  • Please also know that if I have any worries or concerns regarding your child, please be reassured that I will contact you straight away!


  • Finally, when dropping your child of at the gate, as hard as it might be, please leave as quickly as possible, the tears do stop quicker once parents leave! I will ring you/send a message to let you know that they are okay ASAP.


If there is anything you would like to talk to me about or ask me, please come and have a chat with me! I am only a phone call away!


Thank you!

Miss Copley,Mrs Moulds and Class 2


Jack and the Beanstalk zipwires...

Book Characters

Home support ideas