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Class 8

Bubble B at Witham Nature Reserve

Key worker children do the Min-Olympics.

Still image for this video

Some of the wildlife I've seen on my cycles this past week!


Good morning all and welcome to the final term of the year!  


How are you all doing?  What fantastic weather we have had this past week haven't we?  Really beautiful!


Well, it's time to get back to some work now I think!  I have added the White Rose resources and timetable to Google Classroom and I'm in the process of trying to get some coding work/resources together for you to do.  Bear with me as I'm not sure what I've downloaded will work yet but I'll do my best.    


I've tried to ensure all your work is marked whether on Google, by email or on Purple Mash.  If I've missed any, please let me know and I'll get that sorted.  I've also had some lovely artwork and photographs for insects added to the folder - an amazing looking beetle from Sam for instance!  Brilliant photograph!  I've also received a couple of pieces of writing and dictation so thank you for those .  I could still do with some amazing writing for the Lockdown Writing wall in school though - it needs to be emailed to me and in either your best handwriting or typed please.


Have a wonderful day/week and looking forward to more work from you all :) 


Ms Butterfield




Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!


Firstly, I hope you all like the video Miss Mills has put together for you!  It's a heartfelt feeling amongst all the staff that we miss you all greatly and that we really do think you are all stars for coping so well with this rather strange way of working!  We hope the video just gives you a tiny hint as to how proud we are of each and every one of you :)


I don't get to write on here very often now as I struggle (for reasons unknown to me) to get onto the site so this is a bit of a treat for me today!   I do get on Google classroom every day though and try to always write a message so please do take a look each day if you can.


It is almost weekend and there is a fine forecast ahead not just for the weekend but for all of next week.  So, alongside doing some work to keep you going academically, don't forget to enjoy the sunshine, take exercise, enjoy nature and time with your families and, if you're like me, your pets!  


Have a completely FABBY Friday and see you soon lovelies!!

Ms Butterfield

You are our shining lights

Still image for this video




Good morning all!

I decided to get up earlier this morning to try and get a message put on here! I couldn't get on at all yesterday for some reason!


I hope you all had a good weekend.  I've just marked and returned all the work you have left me on Google Classroom and am going to try and upload the maths quiz for this week again.  The grammar one is on.  Please also leave your thoughts on the new White Rose resources would you?


I thought I'd add just a couple of photos from my weekend.  I was amazed at how tame the swan was and unperturbed (hope you have your dictionaries!) by my presence.  He or she was surrounded by Canada geese, moor hens and ducks and I was entranced by the beauty and grace of this swan.  The cowslips are looking beautiful too - there seem to be more this year, at least around where I live.  I have a video of one of the geese where my allotment is having a bath! It's too big to upload unfortunately, but I'll see if I can reduce its size and try again later.


I wonder if any of you did the family quiz?  The Wynns did and got a great score and have also assured my there was no 'googling' of answers!  Quizzes seem to be taking off at the moment don't they? I do a Zoom one each Friday evening as it's a great way to keep in touch with friends.  We are even going to have a Zoom Staff Meeting this week....can't wait!


Have a good day and enjoy this week's sunshine as it would appear it's going to be really cold again next week!


Ms Butterfield



Nature watching....




Good morning all!

I hope you are all well?  I've just seen the photograph I put on last week of my courgette and sweetcorn plants....a lovely sunny day when I rode my bike in a t-shirt! What a change in the weather!  Though, to be fair, the plants do need a very good water so that's a plus!


I've put a family quiz on Google Classroom for you to have a go at if you want to.  It's just for fun but might also provide some learning opportunities as well.  I'll put answers up over the weekend so that you've plenty of time to have a go.  Let me know what you think as I'll do more if you want me to.


I was delighted yesterday to have a garden full of birds for the first time! I haven't had too many so far as the house is comparatively new so it takes a while to attract them.  I had my first robin visitor and loads of starlings that came to visit multiple times (they also inspired one of my quiz questions!).  Today I've had male and female blackbird and multiple visits from magpies and crows!  I think this is the time that many eggs are hatching so birds are now desperate to get lots of food.


Have a good day lovelies - more soon!

Ms Butterfield

Sweetcorn and courgettes!




Good morning Class 8 Lovelies!

I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed what could be the last of the glorious sunshine for a week or two!  

I did a long cycle on Saturday (17 miles) which was a cycle to school and home with some planting in the middle of them!  I have now planted beetroot, cauliflower and peas.  I also did some weeding of the strawberry beds so it's looking better in there. If you go past school do have a look in if you can.

Yesterday I planted a wide variety of herbs at the allotment as well as courgettes and sweetcorn.  Things are starting to grow!  I'll try and upload a photograph of the sweetcorn plants...I like to see them so young and then track the growth until the corn (hopefully) appears in August time.  

Last night I had my first home grown rocket salad and cress.  It's so easy to grow and I wonder if any of you have been able to grow anything at home?  

My journey to the allotment yesterday was wonderful in that I saw my first yellowhammer of the year (bird).  I've heard them lots of times but they like to hide in hedgerows so it's just if you happen to see them flying.  Beautiful birds.  Swallows are also nesting in the stables where my allotment is and it's lovely to see them in flight, catching insects.

On my cycle Saturday, I also saw the Stewart family on a mission to collect tadpoles.  They had a couple of jars full with weeds and tadpoles and are looking forward to them metamorphosing into frogs!  Check this link to see what happens, if you are unsure:


I hope you are still enjoying the work on BBC Bitesize.  Please do keep me up to date with how you are getting on through Google Classroom and more tomorrow!


Ms Butterfield





Good morning lovelies!


I hope this morning finds you all well and coping with the new circumstances we find ourselves in.  With one month of this 'social isolation' now under our belts, we seem to be coping really well and I'm really proud of you and your families for the efforts you are making.  I love looking at your photos, videos, recipes, drawings, paintings and obviously your work!  It shows me what an outstanding positive attitude you and your families have which is no less than I would have expected but is nonetheless awesome!


I hope you are all enjoying the range of activities that are on Google Classroom as well as in the Home Learning Support folder on here.


Don't forget, I go onto Google Classroom every weekday (usually morning and evening) to answer questions or offer support where I am able to.  If you upload work, please put a comment in the stream saying where it is as, at present, I get a notification that there is activity but not what or where and it takes me ages to find it! If there has been a delay in replying, therefore, you might understand why now!


Stay positive, stay safe, my lovelies, and have a wonderful weekend.


Ms Butterfield




St George's Day


One of the United Kingdom's Patron Saints has his day today.  Do you know which country he is the Patron Saint of?  What is his story/legend (I've put this on Stream on Google Classroom if you have a mind to find out and answer!).


Yesterday was a very exciting day for me....I saw my first swallows!  I have a sort of allotment (you might have seen the photographs of the path I laid) and some vegetable boxes in my friend's poly tunnel so I have to go and tend them a couple of times a week and that's where I saw them flying and swooping above my head.  SO beautiful!  I also heard a yellowhammer singing its heart out in the hedgerows - so lovely to hear (and they're quite rare nowadays).


Yesterday I planted some sweetcorn seedlings - I over-ordered (especially as I've also grown my own from seed!) so I'll be planting a dozen in the garden at school along with some peas and beans at the weekend.  Get the watering cans ready, children on key workers!


Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and more soon!


Ms Butterfield




Finally!  It's taken me from 7am this morning to get onto the website! Good morning all!


I'm guessing Mr Haigh has kindly uploaded the Wildlife pack and the maths activities.  I've uploaded the spelling too - all of these are on Google classroom but there is some difficult opening the Wildlife pack for some of you.  Keep in touch if you are finding it difficult please!


I have also put on there that I will be making telephone calls to you starting next Monday (27th).  I can access your telephone numbers from our Management Information System and will not save them, so please be assured your personal information remains safe.  I will be contacting those who are happy for me to just to catch up and ensure all is going well.  If you would prefer that I did not, or you are happy with how you are coping with the work I've set (adults and children!) then please send me a message on Google Classroom saying so.  I will not call if you'd prefer I didn't.  You can also send me an email via the school enquiries email address as this will be forwarded to me.


I hope you are all well - missing you lots and hopefully I'll be able to message earlier tomorrow!!


Ms Butterfield

Spellings - pick and choose as you wish

Additional Maths Activities - Please feel free to pick and choose the activities to suit

Additional Key Stage 2 Project - Please feel free to pick and choose the activities to suit.



Good morning all!


I hope you have all had a lovely 'holiday'!  Anyone notice a change from the previous 2 weeks?  No, me neither! 


I hope you all got the message (via parent mail) regarding the newly available curriculum for every year group on BBC.  I am trying to upload the pdf with all the lessons outlined on it but bear with me as, yet again, my internet connection is very slow!  However I can tell you that today (for Year 4) it includes how to use pronouns, place value for 4 digit numbers and a lesson on how to be an Historian!  Go to!  Please send feedback via Google Classroom or by email (to enquiries) and I will either comment or give more work to back up if you need it.  This will be your core curriculum until such times as we come back to school so please, please use it! As Mr Haigh said on his class page, we will all be back to school at some point and it will be an uphill struggle to get back into that routine unless we all keep going with some work in the best way we can.


I continue to get some lovely work on Google Classroom, thank you.  It sometimes takes me a while to answer or comment as my notifications are less than reliable so please bear with me as I will comment on everything that you send me via this app.  I love the photographs I get too - Sophie C is becoming quite the cyclist and Alfie wrote a recipe with step-by-step photographs to accompany it! Some super snozzcumber cakes from  Emily too! I've also had some outstanding photographs of insects as well as drawings....please keep those coming.  


I hope you are all getting some exercise too?  I walk my dogs every day and I counted 12 different butterflies on yesterday's as well as many bees and other insects.  You will also see I have added two photographs of the seeds growing in my planters at home - I love this time of year as life begins in both the animal and plant world.  


Please continue to take care and stay safe and miss you all lots!


Ms Butterfield



BBC Daily learning

New life in plant form....


Good Friday 2020


I thought I'd write a quick Happy Easter message to you all on this Good Friday.  


It occurs to me that, if Jesus taught us anything, it was courage, resilience, fortitude and strength (I'll let you use a dictionary to find out the definition of fortitude! Never let it be said that I'll waste a learning opportunity.... !).  In my humble opinion, our current situation calls for all of these as well as understanding and gratitude.  We must be resilient to cope with our situation (not going out and about is really hard) yet we must remain strong enough to stick with it.  As many of you are living in the confines of your homes (ie: in its four walls) we also need understanding of one another's moods and idiosyncrasies (keep the dictionary out!)  as each of us copes with these situations in different ways.  For me the situation is different as I don't have my family with me (so no arguments to referee!) but I miss seeing them even though I know it won't be forever and I am very grateful for their love and support at all times.   Of course, I'm lucky in that I am never alone as I have my gorgeous dogs, Fergus and Grace!  I'd be truly lost without them so again, that is cause to be grateful!  It is my hope that you are all grateful for your families and the fact that they are with you!  I have seen so many wonderful activities on Google Classroom that you have shared with your families - it truly is heart warming to see!


There are some parents that have to still go to work - key workers, as they are known.  I would like to ask you to also think about their strength and courage and be thankful and grateful that these wonderful people continue to work to look after us, to supply us with food, to work in our shops/supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, vets practises, dental practices, factories etc and of course, schools.  


Could I also ask that you consider those people that are truly alone?  There are some people who rarely see others and might only meet up once or twice a week with friends.  They will not be able to do this at the moment and that must be very tricky to deal with.  They might also be without families to even speak to on the telephone, Skype or FaceTime - I would ask that these people are in your thoughts this Easter and if you would like to, pray for them.


Finally, I am really missing you, gorgeous children of Class 8 as well as the rest of the wonderful children and staff at our school.  I hope that you, like me, are grateful to be a part of our fantastic school community and that we will all be together again very, very soon.


A very Happy Easter to you all!


Ms Butterfield




Good morning!


Guess what I realised this morning?  We're on holiday (Easter holidays!).  Weird isn't it? It doesn't feel any different this week to last week......!


It's good to see that you are still working and submitting answers on Google Classroom.  Having said that, mine seems to be on a bit of a go-slow and I didn't receive some work submitted on 2nd April till this morning!  Surely I can't have missed them?  


I have uploaded some photos to show how busy I was yesterday...I'm about half way on the path I think having laid 21 flags so far!  It's taking me a little longer than I anticipated!  It will be worth it once I start planting though.  


I'm trying to organise some more compost for the school garden.  I've done a little bit to it but need to get compost in the beds.  If anyone has spare seeds or seedlings to plant, I'll be more than happy to plant them or will give the job the the few children that still have to go into school.


I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine, doing some exercise? Please let me know what you've been up to - you can send me photos onto Google Classroom !  


Stay safe lovelies!  Missing you all!


Ms Butterfield

The path is extending (slowly....)

Can you tell me which bird or birds laid these eggs?

Gardening! Still more flags to lay!




Good morning sun worshippers! 


I hope you all took time to enjoy the glorious (if windy) weather this weekend.  I went on a bike ride yesterday but was a little horrified at one point when I was pedalling like crazy up a minor incline only to find myself travelling backwards in the face of the wind!  It was exhausting! You can imagine that my cycle outwards was 3 times quicker than my return cycle home!  Did any of you go on bike rides? For a walk?  


I have also been busy laying a path and turning over some soil to plant outside veggies (see the photos I have added) .  I am planning to grow veggies I've not tried before like butternut squash and heritage carrots.  I wonder if you can imagine my excitement when I checked my little propagator at home to find seedlings emerging only 10 days after sowing!  Again, I'ave added a photo....these are rocket and the lettuce is just about visible (with a magnifying glass!).  I find this time of year so very exciting - new growth is always exhilarating!  Have any of you planted seeds?  Please feel free to post photos on Google Classroom or email school and they will be forwarded to me.


I have tried to return work to you if you have sent it on Google Classroom - the mental maths has a mark but I have not done the same with the Clouds research (nor will I for the recipe) however, I am ensuring I post a private comment back to you.  I am also going to put the maths answers on later, after everyone has had the chance to submit their work.  If you have done your maths and your parent or carer has marked it, let me know your scores.  There'll be another added later.


Have a lovely day mathematicians!  More tomorrow!


Ms Butterfield




Good morning Class 8 Rockers!  It's Friday....ROCK Friday !


I'm pleased to see some quality suggestions on Classroom so far (I think the good taste might be attributed mostly to your parents?).  I'm hoping for more suggestions from you - you have till 12!  At that time I shall be on Spotify finding your suggestions to play from 1pm to 2.30 (when of course, it's Star Assembly!).  It has occurred to me that this should continue despite 'Lockdown' so I shall announce the Star of the Week on here and on Classroom - keep your eyes peeled !


I'm sorry I didn't get chance to post a message yesterday.  You need to blame yourselves, however, for uploading some amazing content on Classroom which I've spent lots of time viewing.  I'm trying to plan a way to 'mark' your work that isn't the score out of 100 (which I'm not keen on) but not come up with a good plan yet.  Obviously, the mental maths is out of 20 (so that's an easy one!).  Any suggestions? The mark has to be numerical.  


Did any of you join in the clapping last night for all the carers/keyworkers (including those teachers still going into schools, of course)?  I did.  I live in a strange place so found myself doing so on my own, which is a slightly bizarre experience, so was rather pleased when my next door neighbour appeared - I didn't feel quite so silly then! (Yes, we kept a good distance and apart).  If you joined in, well done indeed.  I have a couple of relatives and friends who work in various roles for the NHS and I know only too well how much they appreciate the fact that people around the country care for the carers.  


So, what have you planned for the weekend? A quiet time at home (again!)? Any cycling? Walking? Baking? I'm planning all of these plus more gardening, including at school, where I hope - once we are back properly - you will be impressed with the improvements I'm trying to make.  


Well Rock gods and goddesses, have a wonderful weekend, more on Monday!


Ms Butterfield 




Good morning you April Foolers! ( a virtual pinch and a punch and all of that!)


Firstly, we are up to 25 now on our Google Classroom, which is fantastic! I've also had some excellent work on Clouds handed in, some amazing photographs of insects, some drawings and my first recipe from Hayden!  Great stuff!  Thank you all.


Well yesterday I did a long cycle (well, it was long for me at 20 miles!) and saw Sophie and her family on a cycle ride too!  They didn't look anywhere near as exhausted as I felt at that point, about three quarters of the way through it! Luckily, I made it home but admittedly I did have to walk a small part of the loooooong hill to my home as my legs just gave out!  Are any more of you managing to do some exercise?  Hope so :) - you might be joining Joe Wicks each morning?


On my cycle I was lucky enough to hear a yellowhammer, lots of chiffchaffs, a few pheasants, a woodpecker, lots of sparrows, a mistle thrush, blackbirds, ducks, geese and of course, crows and rooks!  I also had two geese fly right over my head, the male making his presence known very loudly!  I saw lots of sparrows, two robins, blackbirds, a kestrel hovering over the roadside, two buzzards circling and looking for food, ducks, a swan moving majestically through the water, a squirrel skipping through the trees and a stoat running across the road (at least I think it was a stoat!).  I love cycling the back roads where all this wildlife can be found (I'm also slightly obsessed by birds, if you hadn't noticed!).  If any of you are interested, the RSPB has a great website full of hints and tips on how to identify different species of bird both by their shape, size and colour as well as their song - for instance it will show help you know the difference between a mistle thrush and a song thrush, a rook a crow and a jackdaw etc.  Another excellent website that has lots of activities on it for the budding zoologist or conservationist, is the World Wildlife Fund.  Do take a look if you're interested.


Away from the topic of wildlife, have you been looking on Twinkl? Found books on Amazon? Remember to look up some of Michael Morpurgo's books as many are set in the time of World War Two - they can be quite emotional but are excellent and you know how much I  love and appreciate his excellent syntax (the way he puts sentences together).  He will also teach you some quality vocabulary.

I also love Matilda - this is a superb stage show in the West End which I believe is possible to view on You Tube, should you be interested.  Is anyone listening to David Williams? 


Well, it's time for me to check in on your Google classroom work and to set your next challenge!  I'm thinking something maths based today.....I know how much you love maths!


Take care all of you - I really miss you all so much so please do keep messaging on Google Classroom!  


Ms Butterfield


PS: are you all still keeping up with Rock Friday? I am.....I'll give you a list of suggestions on Friday morning, please send me your suggestions, and we can have a virtual Rock Friday together! I'll set up an assignment to add your suggestions :)


Good morning !


I hope the sunshine that has greeted us this morning has brought a smile to your faces - it has mine!  It should invite you outside into your gardens to try and find those mini beasts and bugs to photograph or draw !  I have 3 entries so far....all very good!


Thanks you to all of you, and especially your parents, for signing up the Google Classroom!  25 signups so far (not including Miss Newcombe and Mr Haigh) which is brilliant.  I have said that if I get 100% attendance (ie: everyone signs up) there's 10 house points each! (I really am SO generous, after all!).


I have set you a writing task on Classroom assignments.  It is to write a recipe.  My idea came from the fact I have made my own bread yesterday as well as soup and a spicy bean and potato casserole.  What could you make? What have you made? What would you like to make?  Please write up a recipe (real or made up) but remember all the criteria we were looking at when we did our pancake one.  I will be looking for quality vocabulary, as always!


If you need inspiration, head over to Amazon.  They have released all children's books free to read until everyone is back to school so please see what you can find.  If you need help with your latest assignment, read the BFG (one of my favourite books) for some of his revolting recipes - there is also a Roald Dahl book called Revolting Recipes if that helps you!  I will award marks for the most revolting!


I have also added some links on here for WWF on you tube that are very interesting and full of learning about different geographical regions and the animals that live there.  There are a good few hours of watching if my links work ok!  If you are interested in drumming, I added a link on our Google Classroom to instagram where Taylor from the Foo Fighters is giving drumming lessons from his own home.  Whether you are a budding drummer or not, it's an interesting watch and teaches rhythm and how drumming is the very beat of music and songs.


I sincerely hope you are all keeping safe, managing to do some exercise each day, whether that is Joe Wickes, gardening, walking your dogs with your family or doing star jumps for an hour!  Until tomorrow budding chefs!


Miss Butterfield

My dogs




Good morning class 8 lovelies!  I hope you all had a good weekend with your families and that there weren't any major fallings out!  One good thing about having my children grown up and just looking after dogs is that we don't fall out any more :).  The dogs, fortunately, do as they are told and never answer me back!  They have been loving the longer walks that I've been able to do, too.


It's brilliant to see so many of you have managed to sign up to Google Classroom - thank you to your parents for sorting this out for you!  It's been funny trying to work out who some of the owners of the sign ins are!  I must thank Noah for his help trying to ensure Hayden managed to sign on.  


I have already received two entries to my 'Art/Science Challenge'!  Brilliant!  Both are spiders however, one seems to be an alternative example to 'Still Life' art is completely lifeless!  Nonetheless, very close photography work so that I can count the hairs on its legs!  I look forward to more landing in the classroom over the next couple of weeks.


The change in weather prompted me to wonder what all the different types of clouds we see are called?  I know there are three main types with very complicated names - cirrus, cumulus and stratus - but how are they formed? What do the names mean? What are clouds made up from? I'm sure there is a couple of hours worth of research in there somewhere.....keep your eyes peeled in Classroom for this challenge to be set for you!


Finally, for today, please contact your friends to try and get everyone onto Google Classroom . We have 17 so far, but one of those is Mr Haigh! :D.  I shall update again tomorrow - until then, stay home and stay safe please.


Ms Butterfield


Also.......check out Chester Zoo!  It's live streaming a tour around all its animal enclosures at 10am! I know its on Twitter and Instagram but not sure where else :)





Good morning Class 8 lovelies!  How are you all?  That may seem pointless question as you are not able to reply......not so!  I have just set up a Google classroom for you to message me and where I can upload work (yay!) for you and you can return work to me. We can also send messages, ask questions, upload photos etc.   I'd love it if the whole class could 'attend' our virtual classroom! 


You (your parents) will need to set up a google account then go into Google classrooms and look for Class 8 LB.  Your code to join is bgd6xgk.  Please share this information with other children in the class if you think they might not have seen the messages I've been posting on here.


If there are no responders, I'll assume that I've done something wrong  - here's hoping I haven't!


Yesterday was another beautiful day and apart from walking my dogs (which I do everyday of course) and some school work I decided it was a good day to plant some seeds.  I have planted tomatoes, cauliflower, beetroot, rocket, lettuce (two varieties) and peas!  Hopefully the overnight frost hasn't put paid to their survival already (most are covered over so fingers crossed).  Have you been planting anything? Mowing the lawn? weeding (one of my favourite pastimes!)? 


I am pleased to see that some of you are keeping up with the Purple Mash typing skills 2dos and are also completing some of the others I set.  I set more grammar ones for you yesterday as well as one that asks you to do some research around Easter.  I hope you find that interesting.  You might have also watched Mr Buckeridge's excellent Easter assembly that is on here.


You will no doubt know that Joe Wickes has exercise videos every day at 9am and that David Walliams is reading his books at 11am every day.  I wonder how many of you are listening in?  There are also lots of art classes on You Tube that you can follow and learn new techniques. Remember to always ask your parents' or carers' permission please!


Ok, hope I receive some replies via our Google classroom today but either way, I will write again tomorrow.


Stay safe please!


Ms Butterfield




Good morning my Class 8 lovelies!


it's got to be said, I'm quite missing you lovely lot (who would have believed it eh?)!


Luckily, there is plenty of ideas for work I can still give you or activities to fill your time (I'd SO hate for you to be bored or miss school TOO much!).


So, yesterday I went on a cycle ride as my daily exercise - 22 miles in total! I didn't realise my legs had it in them as not been on a cycle ride that length for a very long time.  It gave me the opportunity to observe even more wildlife and made me think that, if you and your family have bikes, you could also combine exercise and nature watching.  I managed to see lots of sparrows, a robin, blackbirds, crows, rooks, lots of pigeons, a chaffinch, blue tit, dunnock, magpies and heard a woodpecker.  I also saw another painted lady, more bees (some masonry bees that were busy around an old cottage I passed) as well as a couple of dragonflies, flies and lots of tiny insects that were really attracted to my high viz jacket and helmet (got to stay safe out there!).  


My ride prompted me to wonder if any of you know the difference between a crow and a rook? A bumble bee, masonry bee and a honey bee? (Did you also know there are about 250 species of bee in this country!).   Do you know (can you find out) what a dunnock is? How many different kinds of woodpecker there are? Finches?   Why do you think bugs and insects are attracted to a high viz jacket?   Why do you only ever see a male and female blackbird together, never two male or two female?  So many questions.....


I have seen that Ms Crowson has managed to establish a connection with her class through Purple Mash email.  I'm going to have a look at that and see if I can do the same.  I am pleased to see that many of you are trying out the typing and doing your multiplication tables - please keep going on those!  I plan to set some grammar today so keep your eyes peeled for more 2dos!


Take care and stay safe until I check in on you again tomorrow please :)


Ms Butterfield



Good morning all! 


As I started to write today's message, I suddenly thought how funny it would be if absolutely no-one is reading them!  At least when I write messages, I don't have to repeat myself as I do in class :) .


I'm hoping most of you managed to get into the garden yesterday?  It's a great place to be in this sunshine, whether to exercise, do gardening (which is a great form of exercise too!) or observing nature.  If you are finding and counting bugs of all varieties, try and identify them too so that you can name them when you photograph or draw them.  There are lots of online websites that will help you with identification.  You could also find out how many different species of worm, beetle or fly there are too.  


Yesterday, I saw my first butterflies though they were on my walk and a little way away but I believe they were Painted Ladies.  It was lovely to see them fluttering in the hedgerows and settling on the newly flowering dandelions.  I also saw my first bees....


There are lots of spring flowers bursting into bloom at present.  I've seen cowslips, primroses, cornflowers, crocus, daisies, dandelions, hyacinths and many more that I am unable to name.  Again, great opportunities for you to become a botanist (studiers of plants) at home and to practise your photography or drawing skills.  Maybe you could create a collage of drawings of different flowers and plants? Remember to think where the sun as the source of light is shining from and add some shading to reflect that.


In the home, you could be helpful to your parents by tidying your room (properly!), offering to help cook lunch or tea/dinner or even better, washing up!  


Whatever you do today, please make sure to exercise your brain and your body as both need this if they are to function properly.


Stay safe and more tomorrow!


Ms Butterfield 

Good morning Class 8!


I'm sorry I didn't manage to message you yesterday but my internet was SO slow!  I will, however, try and message you as many days as I possibly can.


I hope you have all had a chance to look at the Twinkl resources and/or Purple Mash?  There are 2dos set for you to learn Touch typing;  although the school closing is not what any of us would have hoped for, it does present you with an opportunity to learn a new and really useful skill!  Please spend some time, if you are able to access a PC or laptop, to have a go.


There are also maths 2dos set for each week and you know how to access all of the spelling activities.  Maybe your parents could give you a spelling test every Friday?  I'd hate for you to miss out on those!  


Those children who were in last Friday will know that there are plenty of grammar resources on Purple Mash too.  Please would you all try and complete as many of these as you are able to do.  I will set some as 2dos too but you can't practise too much, believe me!


I believe there may be the opportunity to have an almost 'virtual classroom' in the near future.  It will be easier then to set you work and for you to 'hand it in'.  As soon as I know more, I shall let you know.


In the meantime, as well as the above work, please get outside into the garden.  There are many science opportunities for you there such as counting bugs and mini beasts and comparing habitats (please do not remove any mini beasts from their homes, though!).  You could also think about planting seeds and vegetables if your parents have seeds.  The garden also provides opportunities for artwork and photography including macro work (that's where you get really close to whatever it is you are drawing or photographing).  I will give out prizes when we get back to school for the best photograph and drawing of any wildlife, plant or animal!  


Until my next update (hopefully tomorrow), stay safe and keep occupied!


Ms Butterfield

In the event of children staying at home during normal school time I am offering the following advice and guidance to help them to keep working.


Please find below a link to Twinkl website as they are offering free activities for parents to access at home:


Once logged on, you should see a link for home education resources that are year group specific.  


In addition to this the following are also suggested:


1. Read for pleasure. This means there is no expectation to write comprehension questions and answers but children may wish to let me know what they are reading. Again, this can be reported on their Purple Mash Blog.  We have experienced great fun on World Book Day recently and the children can revisit any activities they enjoyed, be that art work, rewriting extracts as play scripts and acting scenes out, reading using expression etc.


2. For daily maths practice:

Any of the Y4 units for maths and English on Purple Mash. At this stage, they are all relevant.


3. Y3/4 spellings - there is a document attached below, it would be great to practise these spellings with your child. 


4. As you are aware, the children have been learning all about WWII and it would be great if they could complete some research or a small project to supplement the learning they have been doing in school.   They could focus on Rationing, the Blitz, Evacuation or an area that they are interested in.   How they present their work is very open and could include: writing, artwork, a blog, a video etc. 


5. Artwork - What a great opportunity to get out in the garden and practise those sketching skills. 


I shall also set some Purple Mash 2Dos that can be done at any time up the end of the Easter holidays - these will be available from tomorrow and will be updated regularly.


If you are unable to access these online activities, please ring or email and I will send some paper copies home.


Kind regards


Lyn Butterfield

Class 8




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