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Good Morning Babies,


The sun is shining and I’m in school today.  So far we have done a work out with Joe Wicks and now we are singing and dancing to different song on YouTube.


Today would have been our first performance of Fantastic Mr Fox’s Showcase so you task today is to sing, dance, act all day long!


Next term our Geography topic is comparing London and Venice, so can you start to find out some facts about both cities! I will also set this on google classroom so you can share it with me, be creative!


I love you millions and squillions


Miss Mills xxx

Dear Tyler,


Your writing looks brilliant! You're smiling in your photo for me, where is the one eyebrow pose i usually get when I ask for a photo at school?  I'm really proud of you, I know writing isn't your favourite, keep it up! I'm really proud of you!


Miss you loads


Miss Mills

Isla's wonderful writing

Isla's wonderful writing 1
Isla's wonderful writing 2

How to draw a mountain landscape, scavenger hunt, toilet roll craft challenge



Afternoon gorgeous ones,


I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent it making pizza and biscuits with my children.  So as our second week of home schooling begins let’s set some challenges for the week.


Please sign up for google classroom the password for our class is  b7d2wc4  


Once you are in we can chat and I can set work and in stuff for us to do together, so far Elsie B, Isla, Emilia and Charlie have said hello but I would love it if more of you could join, Class 10 and 8 have nearly 20 of their class on theirs, so we need to catch up!


I’ve been for a run around my village today with my tiddlybobs and then while they were working I’ve been putting your photos on to your summer reports, it was so lovely looking at your little faces and I miss you all so much. 

Challenges for this week: learn how to use the dishwasher or washing machine. Find a how to draw video on tube and draw a landscape. Join google classroom!


See you tomorrow babies xxxx




Good Morning Babies!


I’m at school today, so this will be short for now. Please see my post from yesterday. I’ve set up google classroom, so log on and you can chat to me and your friends from Class 6 in a safe space.


I look forward to hearing from you 




Miss Mills x

I’ve set up a google classroom which allows you to send each other notes and messages. 

Search for google classroom then join a class.


You need the code: b7d2wc4


  You will also need a gmail account if you haven't already got one.



Good Morning my beauties!


I hope you are all feeling ready for another great sunshiney day!


My first day of home schooling Gabby and Aidan went well. We listened to David Walliams reading Gruesome Gertrude, from his book The Worlds Worst Children’ on his website, he’s doing this every day at 11am.  We drew pictures of Gertrude as he read, definitely going to do that again today, you should try it.


Gabby has decided she wants to learn about Dragons so she spent a lot of yesterday writing about them and researching facts in the internet.  Aidan chose to start a project on Mythical Creatures and wrote half a page on the Kraken! Use this opportunity to learn about the stuff you love without me telling you what the topic is or what subject we’re writing about, you choose your curriculum, you won’t get the chance again.


The scavenger hunt I made up went well, although it took Aidan nearly the whole walk around our village to find the number 53! There were no houses with that number and eventually he found it on a drain cover!


We are in our P.E kits ready for Joe Wicks at 9.


Our creative challenge today is going to be to turn a precious toilet roll into a creature! I’ll post pictures when they are done.


The radio is on constantly in my house, as you know I can’t work without it! I highly recommend Classic FM for work time and Encore Radio for free time if you love musicals like me!


Love ya babies


Miss Mills x



Good Morning lovelies,


Word of the day is ‘gingerly’ find out what it means and use in some writing today and conversations you have (I’ll give you a little clue...I’m not describing Eloise!)


Learn your 2 x table so well that you can answer it like you answer your name, without thinking about it, parents can fire questions at you at any time and in any place so be ready.


Find out about Palm Sunday and create a comic strip showing what happened.


Go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine and see if you can find... a feather, a stone shaped like a heart, something that begins with P and something pink.


Today is my first day of home schooling my two children so wish me luck!


Have a wonderful day! Miss you millions, love you squillions, be safe babies!


Miss Mills x



Good Evening Class 6,


I’m sorry for being quiet in here for the last two days but I’ve had a cold and have been sleeping lots... feeling much better now and I promise to write to you everyday like I said I would.


I hope you’ve been out in your gardens in this lovely sunny weather and using your Art  books to draw all the beautiful plants, flowers and animals that you’ll be able to spot now that spring has begun to appear.


Be good, read before bed and I’ll do a bigger and better letter tomorrow.


See ya babies! ( whole class replies with ‘We’re not babies!’) 


Miss Mills x

Dear Class 6,

The door to our classroom closes on Friday; we don’t know how when it will open again.  So I want to take this opportunity to remind you that we, Class 6, remain a family and a team as we have been since September.  We might not be together but the relationships we have made, the friendships we have built, the hard work we have done and the giggles we have had will remain, no matter how long we are parted.  I have loved every second of teaching you this year.  You are all incredible and I adore each and every one of you.  It breaks my heart that we won’t be together on Monday but I know you will all continue to be amazing and make me proud.  Remember Class 6 is the BEST and always will be.


Miss Mills x

In the event of children staying at home during normal school time I am offering the following advice and guidance to help them to keep working.


Please find below a link to Twinkl website as they are offering free activities for parents to access at home:


Once logged on, you should see a link for home education resources that are year group specific.  



In addition to this the following are also suggested:


1. Read for pleasure. This means there is no expectation to write comprehension questions and answers but children may wish to let me know what they are reading. Again, this can be reported on their Purple Mash Blog.  We have experienced great fun on World Book Day recently and the children can revisit any activities they enjoyed, be that art work, rewriting extracts as play scripts and acting scenes out, reading using expression etc.


2. For daily maths practise:

Any of the Y3 units for maths and English on Purple Mash. At this stage, they are all relevant.


3. Y3/4 spellings - there is a document attached below, it would be great to practise these spellings with your child. 


4. As you are aware, the children have been learning all about WWII and it would be great if they could complete some research or a small project to supplement the learning they have been doing in school.   They could focus on Rationing, the Blitz, Evacuation or an area that they are interested in.   How they present their work is very open and could include: writing, artwork, a blog, a video etc. 


5. Artwork - What a great opportunity to get out in the garden and practise those sketching skills- I have sent home their Art Books today so any Art work that they do can be done in there.


I shall also set some Purple Mash 2Dos that can be done at any time up the end of the Easter holidays - these will be available from tomorrow and will be updated regularly.


If you are unable to access these online activities, please ring or email and I will send some paper copies home.

World Book Day

Still image for this video

Dancing with our BRILLIANT dance coach Beth!

Still image for this video

WW2 Day

Still image for this video

Welcome to Class 6 


Welcome to the SPRING TERM!

This term we will be investigating the question 'What impact did WW2 have on the British People?'

We will be finding out all about How the war began, who was involved, Evacuees, The Home Front and rationing.


P.E is on Tuesday and Thursday this term. On Tuesday we will be learning to Dance with coach Michelle and Thursday is Gymnastics.

Please make sure your child has an all weather P. E kit;  t-shirt, shorts, jumper, jogging bottoms, plimsolls, trainers, socks (if your child has worn tights to school) which are clearly labelled.  Please make sure your child isn't wearing jewellery or has tape to cover up earrings and if they have long hair that it is tied back.


If you have any questions, worries or concerns please don't hesitate to come and see me.


 Miss Mills

DT Challenge: Can you build a structure out of 5 pieces of paper and sellotape that can hold a book?