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Class 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

Can we begin by saying a huge thank you for all your hard work. It has been great working together to ensure that your child gets the best experience possible.

As we now seem to be in a routine, we thought that it would be a good idea to put into writing all the things we have put into place.

A timetable of the week’s activities will be on our class web page at the beginning of the week. Activities will then be set using Teams assignments. They will appear the evening before so that you can download any worksheets and be more prepared for the following day. Any necessary answers will be posted on the day of the activity around 12pm. Activities will be available for at least two days. Your child’s work can be uploaded to Teams so that we can provide feedback. Some of you, I know, have had trouble with this. Many of you upload photos of the work, which is fine, but I have also asked Mr Atherton to provide a guide of how he uploads work and I hope that helps some of you. The guide follows this letter.

At 9.45am there will be a daily lesson on Teams. Here we will introduce the work for the day to get children started. We will then be online at 12.45 – 1pm if you have any problems. We will then do our best to help you. At 3.15pm we will meet again and end the day with a story.

On Teams, there are 3 channels. Meetings, General and Class Chat. In ‘General’ we will put the assignments and here you can raise any questions. This is not for the children to chat to each other. For that the children can use ‘Class Chat’.

On the class web page, we will put spellings, tables, useful resources and the weekly project. We will keep these separate as they will be available for a longer period.

If your child needs more activities, we can recommend Oak National Academy, Bitesize and CBBC. Remember Mr Gosling's workout; he's suggesting children send him pictures of themselves doing the workouts. His sessions can be found on YouTube - Long Bennington Church of England.


You can use Teams to contact us but also Purple Mash email. We will set CLIC tests at the end of the week using the latter.


We hope that this makes everything clear. However, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure about anything, need support or resources to help with home learning.


Stay safe and take care


Ms Crowson and Ms Flint.



Timetable For Week Beginning 25th January

Timetable for Week Beginning 18th January

Welcome to Class 6!

On this page we want to tell and show you all the exciting things we have been doing in class, as well as giving you information to make all our lives easier.

This year Class 6 have two teachers. Ms Crowson will teach Tuesday to Friday and Ms Flint will teach on Monday and Wednesday morning.


A few reminders:


  • P.E. is on a Thursday day afternoon and this half term we are doing netball.  Children should therefore come to school in their school P.E. kit on a Thursday. 
  • R.E. will be taught on a Monday afternoon.
  • Homework will be set on a Friday, to be handed in the following Thursday. We will set activities on Purple Mash as well as work sheets. On Thursday there will be a spelling test and it would there be useful if you could help your child learn the spelling pattern covered and help them to apply it to new words. On Thursday there will also be a tables/number bonds test. On Friday the children will bring home their latest CLIC test. If you could help them to look again at any questions they have struggled with, that would be great. In addition, could you please encourage your child to read regularly at home. When they have finished their reading book would you please sign their reading record. This enables you to monitor how their reading is progressing too.
  • Could you please ensure that sweatshirts/cardigans are labelled. Each evening we make a sweep of the classroom and cloakroom and do our utmost to reunite children with their belongings. It is so much easier if I can find a name in the sweatshirt, as unlike the children we are unable to do it by smell!
  • Do remember that if you have any problems or concerns then don't hesitate to contact either of us in person or by phone. 


Ms Crowson and Ms Flint.


This Terms Topic


Our topic this term is 'Rotten Romans'. We will look at the impact of the Roman Empire, the legacy they left behind, including  Roman roads  and Hadrian's Wall and some of the key characters such as Julius Caesar and Boudicca. In D.T.   we will be be designing and creating mosaics. The topic will be the basis for all the children's writing.


Below is the timetable for this term and an outline of the PSHE work to be covered. There is also a list of the key spellings set by the Government for years 3 and 4.

PSHE for Autumn Term

Spellings for Year 3 and 4

Star of the Week

Our new smart board! A huge thank-you to all those who helped to raise money for the FSA.

Painting for our Marcus Rashford project and wet break-time yoga!

Bruce, Winner of the Face Mask Competition.

We had fun yesterday making Roman roads!

Parents' Guide to Times Table Rockstars