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Class 4

Monday 22nd June

Good morning class 4.


I hope that you are all well. It looks like it's going to be a lovely sunny week so don't forget the sun cream!


I've uploaded this week's home learning timetable. if you need any help or support I'm only a phone call or email away!


Have a lovely day smiley


Miss Handley x


Monday 15th June


Good morning Class 4 !


I hope that you are all well. 

Miss Richardson has kindly put on the year 2 home learning for this week and you'll see that I've popped the year 1 timetable on.

Please remember to do some reading everyday too smiley


Miss Handley x

Year 2 Home Learning Timetable 15th June-19th June

Hello class 4 :)

Please find attached the year 2 timetable for this coming week.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)

Miss Richardson


Good morning Class 4 smiley


I hope that you are all well.

I've attached the year 1 timetable for this week and you will see that Miss Richardson has kindly attached the year 2 timetable. Any problems or queries please do let me know either through a phone call or email to the school office and I will be in touch.


Have a lovely Monday!


Miss Handley x

Year 1 timetable, 8th - 12th June

Year 2 Home Learning Timetable 8th June-12th June

Hi Class 4! 
Miss Richardson here again.
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

Below, I have attached the year 2 timetable for this week and I will post the maths resources too. 

Tomorrow is World Ocean Day so I added a star challenge for tomorrow which involves picking an activity off the website to have a go at. There are lots to choose from!  
This is the website:


Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
Miss Richardson 

Good Morning class 4! smiley


I hope that you are all well and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather last week.

As most of you know I will be back in class teaching the children who are returning to school from Monday 1st June. Do not worry, I will still be supporting you at home by the usual channels, but it does mean that my replies may not be as prompt as they have previously been! It is a very unusual time for all of us and I appreciate your understanding and patience whilst the children in class and myself adjust to the ‘different’ class day.

If you have any questions or worries please do get in touch either by phoning or emailing the school.

Have a lovely day,


Miss Handley x

Hello class 4!
Miss Richardson here. Just in case you are unsure of who I am, I am taking over from Miss Newcombe whilst she is on maternity leave.

As you will know, reception, year 1 and year 6 are able to start back at school again tomorrow so I will be organising the home learning timetable for all of year 2 (in both class 4 and 5) whilst Miss Handley prepares the work for year 1. Class 5 have had a 'star challenge' activity for each day as well so I have just kept the timetable the same for you all too. 

I will try my best to stick to the way Miss Handley has been uploading everything including the daily assignment folders. Miss Handley will still be looking at all of the work you submit each day as well, once the school day has come to an end. 

I will create the folders for each day and add the maths resources the night before to make sure I'm not rushing around before going to school in the mornings as I don't want to miss anything! I hope that is ok :) 

Please find attached this week's home learning timetable for year 2.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable half term.
Miss Richardson :)

Friday 22nd May


Good morning class 4 smiley

Gosh, it's Friday already!

If you have a look at the BBC bitesize lessons for today there are some challenges to do in maths,  some questions to answer about a book in reading and creating music from objects around the home. 

Next week is actually a holiday week so I'll not set a timetable for you. But, I will ask one little thing for you to do and that's reading every day please (even it's only for 5 to 10 minutes) as this will really help you when you do return to school. Remember that you can share the reading with an adult or even an older brother or sister at home. 


Have a lovely Friday,


Miss Handley x

Thursday 21st May

Good morning class 4!

I hope that you are all well.

I've had a busy morning setting up the classroom in readiness for the 1st June (it also gave me the chance to have a bit of a tidy up too if I'm honest!)  The classroom does look different with tables spaced apart & other bits & bobs put away but, it is still very much your classroom & is just waiting for some fabulous learning to be done by you! 


Remember that sun cream if you're outside today wink.


Have a lovely day,

Miss Handley smiley

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning class 4 smiley

It looks to be a very sunny day today - don't forget to use the sun lotion if you're outside today. Did you know that even ponies need sun lotion?!  I've just made sure that Blue has plenty on his nose so that he doesn't get burnt today! 


Year 1s you have some problem solving in maths today using your knowledge of measuring and year 2s you get to practise your 2 times table. Remember that it's really useful to know your 2, 5, 10 & 3 times table before you venture into year 3!

For English there is some practising of one-armed robot letters.  I know that you are all brilliant with your capital letters and full stops so don't forget these too - they are very important! 


Have a lovely day.

Miss Handley x

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning class 4!

I hope that you are all well.


Remember to have a look at the BBC bitesize daily lessons for today. For year 1s, there is some work on measuring length & height using non-standard units. I certainly know of an animal that is measured in hands - I wonder if any of you know what this animal might be? In English you get to practise sentence writing and you should all now be amazing at using the correct punctuation - it would be great to read some of your work so, if you are able, please upload your work to google classroom.  Year 2s, you get to practise describing arrays. We did this in the last few weeks in school - I wonder how many of you will have remembered?  In English you are using coordinating  conjunctions in your sentences - if you are able please upload your work to google classroom. It is Geography today, learning all about Oceania- I wonder if you'll discover any amazing facts that we didn't find out about in class?


For those of you who have not joined google classroom our code is bew63lh. It's a great way to stay in touch with all of the class and any work that you post is private (only the teachers can see it). 


Have a great day smiley


Miss Handley x

Monday 18th May

Good morning! 

I hope that you are all well and had a lovely weekend.

I've attached the timetable for this week along with the White Rose maths for today & tomorrow. Remember to upload any work to Google classroom if you can & if you have any questions then please let me know.


Have a lovely day!


Miss Handley x

Friday 15th May


Good morning smiley

Take a peek at the video below - I'm sure you'll all love it! 


I think you'll really enjoy the English lesson on BBC bitesize lesson today , it's based on the book 'Cake' - I know I'll certainly enjoy it! Which has now got me thinking about cake .  I may just have to make a cake later today - although I don't think it will be as well decorated as the one in the book! 

There are some challenges to do for maths. Remember that you might have to work one thing out, write your number sentence and answer down for that part before doing the next part. That way you don't forget your answer to the first part! 

It's all about creating expressions for art - looks like lots of fun so I hope you enjoy it.


Remember to keep uploading your work to google classroom it is great to see the work that you are doing.


Take care & have a lovely weekend. 


Miss Handley x

You are our shining lights

Still image for this video

Good morning class 4.


It is a bit of a chilly start to today but it looks to be warming up nicely now! 

I hope that you are all safe and well. 

You'll all be whizzes at the bbc bitesize lessons today! In maths the year 1s are comparing number sentences and the year 2s will be using their knowledge of number bonds to 100. You are practising using exclamation marks in English and looking at simple designs in DT.  Hope it goes well & remember that , if you can, to send me your work via google classroom.


Have a lovely day,

Miss Handley x

Wednesday 13th May


Good morning class 4!


I hope that you are all well. 

I was in school yesterday and it was great to see some of you walking & cycling past school enjoying your exercise and some fresh air. It's good to remember that some daily exercise can help us in so many ways both physically and mentally and it's important that we all do some form of physical activity every day. 


I have put on the White Rose maths for today & tomorrow.  Remember that I am still here to offer support and can be contacted by google classroom or the school's email address. 


Have a great day!


Miss Handley x

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning from both myself and my very sleepy pony, Blue! I couldn't believe how sleepy he was when I went to see him this morning! Eventually he did wake up and stand up so that I could take his rug off ready for a sunny day! 

I hope that you are all well and being super kind to everyone at home. I know that it is tricky to be at home for so long and many of you are missing the routine of school and your friends - and that includes me! Just remember you are doing a great job by keeping safe at home at the moment.  

Have a lovely day.


Miss Handley x


Good morning from a sleepy Blue!

Good morning from a sleepy Blue! 1

Monday 11th May


Good morning class 4 smiley


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. Henry was a bit chilly on Sunday but luckily his best friend Archie snuggled in to keep him warm! 

I've attached the timetable for this week.  Again, it's a good opportunity to practise those skills that you have already learnt in school in readiness for when we do return to school. 

Friday's reading lesson with the book 'Cake' looks interesting - you all know that I'm a big fan of cake! 


Please remember if you need help with anything do let me know either by the school's email address or google classroom.


Have a lovely day,


Miss Handley x


Picture 1

Thursday 7th May

Good morning class 4!

I hope that you are all well.

The BBC bitesize lessons for today give you the chance to practise those adding and subtraction skills in maths. Do you remember Rex the retriever dog that helped us to fetch information? Well, today you need to use this skill when answering some questions about the book 'Cyril and Pat'. You'll be great at this wink


We are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we can return to school very soon. None of us know yet when that may be so, until then it's really important that you continue to keep safe and stay at home. I know that you'll be fab at doing this smiley


Enjoy the weekend - it looks like a t-shirt and shorts day on Saturday followed by winter woollies on Sunday!


Take care,

Miss Handley x

Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Class 4 smiley

It looks to be a lovely sunny day today.

I've popped the White Rose maths worksheets on for today and tomorrow.  

Remember that it's always good to practise skills and use knowledge that we have already learnt and the BBC Bitesize lessons are providing you with an opportunity to do this. Remember to keep reading too - there are some books in the entrance of school for you to borrow if you have run out at home! There is also the Collins book website too.


Have a lovely day.

Miss Handley x


Tuesday 5th May


Good morning Class 4. 

I hope that you are all well.  It's been great to talk to you and hear what you've been up to over the past few weeks.  There are a few children I haven't yet managed to get through to, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten you and I'll keep trying to get hold of you! 


I have attached the White Rose maths learning for today which follows the BBC bitesize maths lessons.

If you do need anything printing off please let me know through the school's email address.


Hope you have a lovely day smiley.


Miss Handley x



Good morning Class 4 smiley

I hope that you've had a relaxing weekend.


I've attached the timetable this week for some ideas of what you might like to do. I did get a bit excited that we have a bank holiday on Friday, but not quite sure why!  There now seems to be endless amounts of resources available online, but please pick and choose what suits you and your family. If you can, please upload a piece of work to our classroom but again, don't worry if this is not possible. 


If I haven't already phoned you I am planning to phone you this week just for a catch up. I must make sure that my phone is fully charged!


Have a good Monday!


Miss Handley x

Friday 1st May,


Good morning class 4 on a lovely sunny morning smiley .

I have really been enjoying talking to lots of you over the past week - it's been great to hear what you have been doing and how super sensible you are  by staying safe at home. I haven't quite managed to phone everyone, but do not worry, I definitely haven't forgotten you and I shall be catching up with the rest of you next week or perhaps today!


Our Google classroom is a great way of sharing your work with me. I don't expect a piece of work everyday for each of the BBC bitesize lessons but it would be great if you could share a piece of work each week on there. I also know that some of you are keeping your work safe to show me when we return to school smiley.


Have a lovely Friday.


Miss Handley x,




Thursday 30th April


Good morning class 4 from both Henry & myself! 

Henry was feeling a bit sleepy this morning but did manage to poke his head out into the sunshine to be photographed (I think the fact that his favourite food was tempting him also helped!). 


Remember to take a look at the BBC bitesize lessons for today. There is the chance to show off your ordering number & working out change in maths. You get to practise using adjectives - I've seen some of your work on this and you are becoming whizzes at using adjectives which is fabulous to see! For RE there are lessons on Judaism and I think it would be helpful for year 2s to have a look at the  year 1 lesson on that too.


Don't forget to keep reading too! 


Miss Handley x

A good morning from Henry!

A good morning from Henry! 1

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning! 

Do you remember when the greedy crocodile came into school to help us compare numbers? If you visit the BBC bitesize Maths lesson for today you will be able to practise using the crocodile. I remember that some of your crocodiles even had cheeky little faces and pointy teeth!  In English there is a reminder about using joining words. Don't forget to make your sentences even more interesting by using adjectives and adverbs too! You'll all be a whizzing through the Science today showing off your knowledge about materials as I know that you did some super work on this with Mrs White in science. 


Please remember, if you do need any help I am easily contactable through the school's email address or google classroom and more than happy to give you a call.


Miss Handley smiley






Tuesday 28th April


Good morning class 4!

I've just had a peek at the BBC bitesize lessons for today and they look like great fun! You even get to dance pretending that you are a caterpillar in the English lesson! smiley


I hope that you are all well and staying safe at home - remember that is the most important thing to do at the moment.


Miss Handley x




Timetable 27th April to 1st May

Monday 27th April


Good morning class 4 smiley


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend - we have been rather lucky with all the lovely sunny weather. It does look like we are in for a spot of rain this week which I think the plants will certainly enjoy!

I have attached this week's timetable for you to have a look at - there are plenty of lovely activities to do once again. 


Remember that I am easily contactable by google classroom or the school's email address. I am happy to phone too - just let me know in an email and I'll call you. 


Keep staying safe and being kind to your families  - you are doing a great job!


Miss Handley x 




Friday 24th April


Good morning on another very sunny day smiley

Remember to have a look at the BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for today.

I am busy in school today so if I may be checking our goggle classroom at a different time than I normally do but do not worry I will reply to any messages or work as soon as I can!

Enjoy the weekend by keeping safe and being kind to everyone at home.

Miss Handley x



Thursday 23rd April


Good morning smiley

I hope that you are all well and staying safe at home. 

You will be able to amaze your parents if you have a go at the BBC bitesize lessons today! It's always good to revisit learning and today you will be practising using commas in lists (remember the list of food the hungry caterpillar ate?),  using 'Bossy' verbs (do you remember that I let you be bossy to me and you were great at using those 'Bossy' verbs!), grouping objects to make it easier to count large numbers of objects and practising your beautiful singing skills. I'm sure you'll all enjoy those activities - I may have a quick go on Karate Cats Maths but shhhhh … don't tell Mr Nicholson!


Remember to keep active too, I've been practising  hula hooping in the garden with my children! 


Take Care,

Miss Handley x

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning smiley

The BBC bitesize daily lessons look great today- you will be a whizz at them! For English the focus is adjectives and we've done loads of work on this in class. Do you remember finding different adjectives when we did dome writing based on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'?

We used something that sounded like it should be a dinosaur to help us find different words; it was a book called a 'Thesaurus'. You might want to ask an adult to help you use one at home today to help you find different adjectives. There are online versions too if you don't have a Thesaurus book at home, but do remember to ask an adult for help when you go online. You can also ask other people in your house for adjectives to help you too. 

Maths is practising your counting and place value skills which, again, I know that you will be fab at. There are loads of songs on the internet to help you count, again, please remember to ask an adult to help you with this. 

Mrs White has told me that the Science lesson will get you thinking about work you did earlier in the term. How much can you remember about the seasons and weather? 


Stay safe at home.


Miss Handley x


Additional KS1 Project - Please feel free to pick and choose activities to suit.

Additional Maths Activities - Please feel free to pick and choose the activities to suit

Timetable week commencing 20th April

Tuesday 21st April


Good morning smiley


I have been busy this morning creating a weekly timetable that gives an overview of the learning for this week- I hope that you find it useful. Please don't rush through the learning and if you think of any additional activities to do whilst doing the work then please feel free to do so - I certainly don't want you to feel restricted by the timetable! On the bottom of the timetable are links to other learning sites that I have already mentioned on previous posts on the website but the links are there for easy access. Any problems or worries then please message me via google classroom or the school's email address. 

There is a column currently blank which is intended for any other activities. So, if you or your child has an idea let me know and we can include it on our timetable.

Remember that you are all doing a fab job at staying at home and staying safe .


Miss Handley x 

Good afternoon,


Remember that you will need the code bew63lh to join google classroom. 

It's a good way to stay in contact as well as being a useful tool to upload any work that you have done at home.  It would be great to hear from all of you!


Thank you to lots of you that have already joined smiley


Miss Handley.

Monday 20th April


Good morning! I hope that you are all well and that you had, albeit a rather different, good Easter break. I've just popped onto the BBC bitesize daily lessons to have a peak at what they have planned for today. There are some fab ideas. English is all about stories with lots of activities to try including talking to people at home about their favourite stories. Mine is 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson & Alex Scheffler- I wonder if you know what this story is about? I must admit I got a bit distracted with the 'Karate Cats' game that is on there! 

For maths,  you are either practising counting year 1s or if you are a year 2,  you are finding 1 more/less. Rosa Parks is the subject for Year 1s history lesson and skills to be a historian for year 2s. I think it would be good if year 2s looked at the Rosa Parks lesson too.

Remember that some of the activities can be done away from a screen and have some breaks too!


Miss Handley smiley


Good morning! Not quite as sunny as yesterday but it looks to be a promising weekend which will be good news for Henry, my still rather sleepy tortoise! 

It is the start of the Easter Holiday- it feels very strange to be saying that! I will pop some more stories & activities onto purple mash for you to have a go at if you want. Other than that, I would like you to enjoy your Easter Holiday ( I know that it will feel a bit different this year! ) , stay safe and be super kind to your family! smiley 



The sun is out with just a few cotton wool clouds (scientifically called Cumulus!)  to sneak behind now and again smiley.   

You may have already seen or heard about this but just in case you haven't … NHS Nightingale would like to decorate it's new wards with bright & beautiful drawings by children. 

I know how amazing you are art (much better than me, I know!) so why not have a go at drawing some colourful, cheerful pictures! (Please note drawings need to be A4 so that they can be laminated for infection control purposes.)


Please send your finished creations to: 

Rainbows for Nightingale
59 Sutherland Grove
SW18 5QP

Or email them to:

More information can be found on the link below : )


Remember to keep reading daily and practise those counting skills. I'm expecting you all to be fabulous at counting in 2s, 3s, 5s & 10s forwards AND backwards when we return to school wink

Don't forget to join our Google classroom - lots of you already have and its a great way of all of us staying in touch . Code is bew63lh

Miss Handley x


For some inspiration on staying active at home Get Set 4 PE have some daily ideas. Look them up on Facebook, twitter or Instagram smiley



Good morning!

Hope you are all well and staying safe at home.

Some of you may have noticed some 'to dos' added onto purple mash yesterday about a story. I will add further chapters each day for you to read and have a go at the activities. Remember to read the chapters in order! Obviously I have chosen my favourite book first (some of you will have probably realised this already!).  

There are so many home learning activities available on the internet and I don't want to bombard you with info.  but another one that may be worth a visit is white rose maths home learning,

Take care,

Miss Handley : )




The last day of March already!

Thanks to all those that have joined our google classroom, it would be great if all of us could join. You are able to send messages not only to me but to the whole class - a great way of staying connected.  


Hope you are all keeping busy.  Just in case you need some more ideas ...

… you could finish or edit the story that you may have started. Could you change the start of the sentences to something more interesting or squeeze some adjectives in? Perhaps you need to include some adverbs or have you missed some full stops and capital letters? Of course you will need some splendid pictures to go with your story. I'm looking forward to reading these : )

… spot a bird in your garden. What do you know about it? Not much? Why not be a research scientist and find out all you can  about it. You may be surprised with what you find out. You could create a fact file.

… or perhaps you might want to find out  a bit more about your pet? 

… to dos on purplemash


Stay safe,

Miss Handley : )




I have set up a google classroom for Class 4. You need to put this code in bew63lh

It would be great to hear from you!


Miss Handley



Good morning! I hope that you are all staying safe at home. 

Remember to keep those reading skills sharp and do some reading everyday. is offering free access to its resources. Year 1s you could practise phases 3 to 5 and Year 2s you could look at the spelling resources.  Who doesn't enjoy a game of Buried Treasure!

You could design an Easter Egg this week. Would you include a rabbit, a chick or some beautiful spring flowers on yours? I bet you know what I'd put on the front of mine! I'm not sure a horse would link to the Easter story but it would make a great design (in my opinion) ! 

I know that lots of you enjoy writing your own stories and it would be great to read these once we are all back together. Yes, you can write a story about whatever you want just remember to show of all those writing skills that you have learnt. For example, adjectives, adverbs, commas in lists, different sentence types (questions and exclamations) and of course include all the correct punctuation. Maybe we could make them into our very own Class 4s book? Enjoy writing : )  

For maths you could practise some adding and subtracting using the partition method that we learnt.


Miss Handley x




Just had to double check but yes, it is Friday!

After burning my hot cross bun this morning it got me thinking about Easter and our last RE lesson. Do you remember eating those yummy hot cross buns and thinking about their association with Easter? Well, my rather well done hot cross bun was a variation of the traditional recipe as it was  caramel and Belgian chocolate flavoured.  Could you think of different flavours to include in a hot cross bun? Use your imagination! Why not draw a picture and write a description about your newly flavoured hot cross bun.


It is another gorgeous day, you could go out in your garden and do some wildlife spotting. What birds can you see or hear? What insects can you spot? I'll be out later  ensuring that Henry, my family's pet tortoise, is getting warmed up in the sunshine after coming out of hibernation! 


We do normally have golden time on a Friday afternoon, I hope that you have been super kind at home this week and earnt your golden time, I'm sure that you have ; ).


Miss Handley x


Anyone else losing track of what day it is?!

Hope you've all enjoyed your Joe Wicks workout this morning?

There is loads out there for you to access online at the moment as lots of lovely people are giving up their time to produce fabulous 'stuff'. Remember learning can be fun! David Walliams is reading another story and Steve Backshall is doing a wildlife/science lesson today. 

Keep going with those basic key skills too  and if you come across any fab songs or videos that help with your learning remember to make a note of them to share with the whole class when we are all back together again.


Miss Handley : )



Here are a few more ideas that you may want to do with your child whilst they are not in school for the rest of the week.


Remember to keep reading & sharing books with others - it doesn't just have to be a school book! Talk about the characters .Whose your favourite? Why are they your favourite? Draw a picture of the characters or a scene from the story.


Literacy- we learnt about verbs & adverbs a couple of weeks ago. Can you think of a verb? Can you put it in a sentence? Can you add an adverb?


Maths - it's always good to keep those counting skills on top form! Can you count in 2s, 5s , 10s or 3s? Once you've mastered these can you say the times tables? There are loads of songs on the internet that support this. It would be great to practise those number bonds to 10. Again, loads of songs on the internet. 

Another useful resource for maths is whiterosemaths/homelearning


Remember to try & keep active. Don't forget Joe Wicks and his PE lessons! 

… and after all that exercise you may want to do some cooking or baking with your child! I'll be baking rock buns later …  then perhaps doing another Joe Wicks PE lesson!


Miss Handley : )





To support your child's learning on our recent work on London's landmarks your child could research facts and make a factfile. They can include lots of drawings to make the fact file more appealing.


Maths - your child could practise recognising halves, quarters and thirds of shapes. They then could practise doing this with  numbers. e.g  grouping their toys into halves, quarters and thirds. 


Literacy-children could write a recount of their favourite film, remembering the correct punctuation as well as using adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Can they make any improvements to their story?  Maybe leave it a day to go back to and re-read to make any improvements. Obviously, they will need a fab drawing to go with their story!


Art - using the shading techniques that they have learnt they could sketch a piece of fruit or a vegetable. 


Reading - remember to share a book with an adult or your brother or sister. Can they predict what the story is going to be about from the front cover or maybe predict the ending? 


Classroom secrets kids  has some lovely learning activities and you can create a free account with individual 'seats' for each child. I've just created an account for myself!


I know that it can be tricky to do learning at home, but any time spent doing learning with your child is valuable and worthwhile and is much appreciated : ) 

Miss Handley 

In the event of children staying at home during normal school time I am offering the following advice and guidance to help them to keep working.

Please find below a link to Twinkl website as they are offering free activities for parents to access at home:

Once logged on, you should see a link for home education resources that are year group specific.  


In addition to this the following are also suggested:


1. Read for pleasure. This means there is no expectation to write comprehension questions and answers but children may wish to let me know what they are reading.   We have experienced great fun on World Book Day recently and the children can revisit any activities they enjoyed, be that art work, rewriting extracts as play scripts and acting scenes out, reading using expression etc.


2. For daily maths practise:

Any of the Y 1/2 units for maths and English on Purple Mash. At this stage, they are all relevant.


3. Artwork - What a great opportunity to get out in the garden and practise those sketching skills. 


I shall also set some Purple Mash 2 Dos that can be done at any time up the end of the Easter holidays - these will be available from tomorrow and will be updated regularly.



Class 4 first day.

Class 4 first day. 1

Welcome to Class 4’s web page.

We have lots of wonderful learning planned for the year ahead!

Your child will be taught by Miss Handley every day except Tuesday morning when they will be taught by Mrs White who will be teaching science. This term's topic is Food Glorious food. 



The following information may be helpful for you.

  • PE – please note that currently our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays. Please keep checking with your child that they have all they need for PE, that it is labelled and it fits. As the year progresses your children do insist on growing, which we all barely notice but their footwear particularly clearly demonstrates this! We aim to send their PE kits home half termly for a good wash.


  • Homework – homework will be given out on a Friday to be handed in by the following Thursday. There will be some spellings and some maths. 



  • Spellings - Please note that your child’s spelling homework relates to specific National Curriculum statutory requirements. These will be practised in school as well as being sent home.  It is really helpful if you work with your child to try and learn these spellings two or three times a week if possible.


  • Reading - In class 4 we invite the children to take 2 reading books home at a time. Each day we offer the children the opportunity to change their books provided that both have been read with an adult. We do ask that you sign and date your child’s reading record so that we know where they are up to and we welcome your comments about how well your child has read and/or enjoyed their book. We award house points for those readers who achieve at least 3 x signed homework reading sessions in a week.


  • You can take a look at our timetable for an overview of how our week looks but unsurprisingly we rarely have a ‘normal’ week! We can promise regular fun and inspiring opportunities.


  • If you wish to chat about your child's progress or have any concerns of any sort, please come and chat to us or arrange an appointment. Please also be reassured that we will chat to you when we feel a discussion might  be helpful to you or your child.

Maths methods

Working together and problem solving. What can we build to keep the monkeys safe from the alligator?

Working together and problem solving. What can we build to keep the monkeys safe from the alligator? 1
Working together and problem solving. What can we build to keep the monkeys safe from the alligator? 2
Working together and problem solving. What can we build to keep the monkeys safe from the alligator? 3
Working together and problem solving. What can we build to keep the monkeys safe from the alligator? 4
Working together and problem solving. What can we build to keep the monkeys safe from the alligator? 5