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Design & Technology

Design and Technology

To consider how things are made and work in order to apply this practically.  

At our school children will experience a range of meaningful Design and Technology concepts and skills which can be applied effectively in their everyday lives. This will also develop their understanding and awareness of skills that may inspire future aspirations and careers.


We believe that it is essential to nurture creativity and innovation through the design process and opportunities to explore the ‘made’ world in which we live.

Our children will be taught Design and Technology in a way that:

  • develops their knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products.
  • develops a depth of understanding of the ‘design, make, evaluate’ process.
  • provides practical, hands-on experience of a wide range of skills and concepts.
  • ensures progression of practical skills, which follows a sequence to build on previous learning.


Implementation – How is the curriculum implemented?


We follow a broad and balanced Design and Technology curriculum that builds on previous learning and provides both support and challenge for learners. Through a variety of creative and practical learning, children will develop the knowledge understanding and skills needed to engage effectively in the design, make and evaluate process, to create products that are functional and with a clear purpose.


We aspire to ensure that Design and Technology is embedded in our whole school curriculum and that opportunities for enhancing learning by using design and technology are always taken. To achieve this, key skills and knowledge for DT have been mapped across the school to ensure progression between year groups. All classes will access a scheduled Design and Technology unit each term as set out in the Long Term Plan. Children’s work will be captured in a Class Floor book, comprising of examples of design, images of practical, hands-on learning, and pupil voice.


Impact – What progress will children make?

 Our children understand and are able to explicitly differentiate Design and Technology from Art. Our children will enjoy and value Design and Technology and know why they are doing things, not just how.

Our Design and Technology curriculum will contribute to and support the development of core skills such as creativity, independence and resilience. Self-reflection is also emphasised as an integral skill through both the evaluation element of the design process alongside termly Pupil Voice collated by the Design Technology Coordinator. Progress can be seen in:

  • children being able to talk confidently and positively about their learning.
  • children demonstrating a sense of pride in sharing their work with others.
  • children recognising the design process as valuable as the end product.
  • children understanding the explicit function and purpose of their product .
  • children being able to critically reflect on how they can improve their end product.
  • children demonstrating a love of learning within the Design Technology curriculum.

Autumn 2023/24 - Textiles

Designing and making stuffed toys in  Class Ten:





Autumn 2023/24 - EYFS - To explore materials and investigate cutting different materials.