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Snow Update for Thursday 1st March 18

Dear Parents and Carers,


As you know, the ‘Beast from the East’ has set in motion some very changeable weather conditions in our region this week.

Our primary concern is always the care and safety of our children, parents and staff when treacherous road conditions such as we have seen today exist.

At this moment in time, our intention to be open for business as usual tomorrow – however we are aware that things can dramatically change overnight and deteriorate quickly.

Therefore we will keep you posted as early as we can about if this decision changes at all. We will use the following formats to let you know :

  • The rolling scroll bar on the website;
  • Twitter (@Longbennac )
  • Parentmail.


We will not know until tomorrow morning what the conditions are for all our staff as they travel in from all directions and some from up to a 50 minute drive away, so we may have to open with a ‘skeleton’ staff, in which case please be patient with us, we will do our very best to keep things running as usual. If the weather gets bad during the day and we need to get people home and safe we will Parentmail you all to let you know and we will put it on the website for those who do not use Parentmail – so please keep watching your emails if the weather takes a turn for the worse. If you can’t access your Parentmail, it might be a good idea to ask another parent who you know can access it to text you if there is a problem.


Please, above all, if you are at all worried about the drive from where you live, don’t risk it. Stay warm and safe.


Thanks for your support in this matter,


Mrs R J King