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KS2 Production

This year our children will be starring in

‘Alice in Wonderland’

a musical production

 on Friday 15th July start time TBC.

We are taking a break from tradition this year and are making the most of the local amenities by staging our performance in the Village Hall.

This is for a range of reasons, but predominantly because:

  • There is a proper stage and dressing rooms! How exciting to feel like a real stage actor, with curtains, lighting and all the feel of a theatre!

  • It has a great space for seating the audience comfortably – so we don’t get overheated and can watch the efforts of the children in comfort.

  • We can raise the expectations of the children – we show how much we value their work and effort by showcasing it in a wonderful setting.


    The FSA will be on hand to provide refreshments before, during and after and the orchestra and instrumentalists will be there to entertain while we await the main event – we hope that this will be an amazing social event as well as an experience the children will never forget. See you there!