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We are very proud and excited to announce that the school now has four 'Houses' that all of us have been sorted in to, that is pupils and staff.

The purpose will be that of promoting responsibility and team work as well as the opportunity to recognise good behaviour, work and attitudes.

All staff will be able to award House Points (HPs) and our new House Captains will be responsible for collating these, recording how many each house has but also for motivating others to gain HPs in order to achieve a goal.

The houses have been named:

Cope (red)

Rawding (green)

Smith (yellow)

Doughty (blue)

These houses have been named after four soldiers from Long Bennington  who fought and died in WW1, but were unknown at the time of the creation of the War Memorial in the village, therefore are not named on it.

We hope that through our school and our children, their names can live on.

We are hoping that our houses will be able to organise competitions, run clubs, motivate others to do good work and to show what being a citizen of Long Bennington Academy should look like.