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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

Welcome to our class web page. I am looking forward to showing you what we are doing as the year progresses. For now, take a look at our first set of pictures, where you will recognise many a little character!

It has been a wonderful start to the term! I know I may say that every year, but we have already had lots of fun in Class 4, with our pirate work off to a flying start!


 Just a couple of notices that may help you to understand how, why and when things happen in our class!


  • Please note that PE days have changed to a Tuesday and a Friday. Please please please keep checking with your child that they have all they need, that it is labelled, and fits, because as the year progresses they do insist on growing, which we all barely notice but their footwear demonstrates! Children will need both plimsolls and trainers. We already seem to have some mysterious missing items!


  • Each Friday Mrs Elms teaches Class 4, and takes on very specific aspects of the curriculum. Mrs Elms and I make a point of having a detailed discussion each week so that we are both aware of how things are going. Mrs Elms is sure to be adding more fabulous images of your children to our web page, and will add details for your information as appropriate. 


  • You can take a look at our timetable for an overview of how our week looks, but let me reassure that the detail is far more fun than it appears here! Lots of photos to follow!


  • Homework will be given out on a Friday. Children can return it as soon as it is done, but we ask that it is in by the Thursday of the following week, so that we can mark it! Spellings! Please note that your child's spelling homework relates to specific National Curriculum statutory requirements, and for your information we are now copying the statement  from this document onto the top of the spelling list, so that you are aware of what your children are learning! We hope you find it as interesting as the children and I do!
  • Reading: In Class 4 we invite the children to take 2 reading books home at a time. Each day we offer the children the opportunity to change their books, provided that both have been read with an adult. We do ask that you sign and date your child's reading record so that we know where they are up to, and we welcome your comments about how your child has done! We award house points for those readers who achieve at least 3 x signed homework reading sessions in a week, and more than that is more house points!


  • If you wish to chat about your child, or have any enquiries or concerns, please come and chat to me, or arrange an appointment. PLEASE also be reassured that I will chat to you when I feel that a discussion would be helpful for you, or your child.


    Many thanks! 


      Mrs MacDonald!

We Wrote letters to those cheeky aliens after they stole our underpants!

Spring term PSHE planning.

Our Autumn Term 2016, at a a glance.

We are delighted to provide you with our latest PSHE (Personal, social, health and education) curriculum. You may wish to chat to your child about what we have been learning and discussing each week.

Ahoy me Hearties! Pirates!

Oh No! 


I think these pictures say it all! We clearly have a fun loving bunch here, with just a few very VERY scary little characters that I will need to keep on the right side of!

Some of your children just couldn't look fierce though, not even pretending to be gruesome pirates, so I guess they will spend the year smiling! I can cope with that!


Mrs MacDonald


"Land ahoy me hearties!"

We all took part in our Partake Theatre workshop!