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Class 9

Hello, welcome to class 9!   The children are lucky enough to have three regular teachers - Miss Baliol-Key on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning; Mrs Mills on Wednesday afternoon and Ms Flint on Thursday and Friday.  We also have Mr Watson working with us as a TA in the afternoons so I'm sure he will be of great help in ensuring that all the children can achieve to their potential.


Timetable - a copy is attached below so that you can see what we're up to every day. Can I please draw your attention to swimming on a Tuesday and PE on a Thursday, so kits will be needed on those days. 


Homework - this year Miss Baliol-Key will set a literacy based piece of homework and Ms Flint will set a maths based piece.  These will be given out to the children on a Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday.


Medication - if your child has an inhaler, please make sure that we have a spare one in school along with any spacers that they may use.


If you have any problems or questions with anything that's happening in school, please do come and talk to us so that we can sort things out as quickly as possible.


Thank you, and lets have a great year! 

Miss Baliol-Key and Ms Flint


Today is world war 1 day and we have  moved  our tables into rows. We also had a dunce hat that got put on us if we asked to  get up!

We are having so much fun and here is a picture!

World War 1 day

World War 1 day 1
Grammar has become a big focus of the literacy curriculum in the last few years and there's lots of grammar vocabulary that the children need to learn and remember - and I mean LOTS!  The children will be given a copy of the document below before the Christmas holidays and I have suggested that they take two or three terms each week and make a concerted effort to learn what the word means, just like they make an effort to learn their spellings each week.  I will of course teach them the terminology in school and practise how to use it, but regular repetition of the words at home will really help to make sure that they know them.


You can find the key 5-6 spellings here: (page 23)

Everyone in years 5 & 6 should know their times tables up to 12 times 12.  The ones that seem to cause most trouble in our class are 6,7,8 and 9 so here are some songs that we use in class to practise them.  Feel free to have a sing at home!

18 6 times table.wma

20 7 times table.wma

22 8 times table.wma

24 9 times table.wma

We follow a Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum that covers many different topics over the year.  It is a discussion based curriculum, with lots of talk about different issues that will face children both in their day to day life and that they may hear about in the wider world.   I will, of course, make sure that all classrooms discussions are age appropriate and respectful.  If there is anything you need any further information about, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are delighted to provide you with our latest PSHE (Personal, social, health and education) curriculum and Collective Worship focus. You may wish to chat to your child about what we have been learning and discussing each week.

The children will be doing Music and drama for the first half of this term and French for the second half.  In Music we are working on a whole school piece in commemoration of the end of the First World War. This is called Archie Dobson's War and can be found here: