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Welcome back after half term.

First week back, we had the year 5 and 6 inter-house cross country run which was won by Doughty; their 4 runners completed five laps of the field in a total of 17.07 minutes, beating Rawding into second place. 

Year 6 continue to work on maths problems while year 5 swim and Charlotte wrote a particularly good explanation of the fractions puzzle this week. 

This week's spelling homework (10/11/17)
















Best wishes

Ms Flint 


Charlotte's problem solving.

Charlotte's problem solving. 1


It was great to meet the parents and carers of class 9 and have time to talk about how the children are getting on.  Thank you all for coming.

Some people requested information about spellings; here is a link to the National Curriculum primary spellings. Look at page 16 for year 3/4 and page 23 for year 5/6 ones.


We enjoyed a visit from author Dan Walker, who gave us an insight into his journey to becoming a writer. There was an opportunity to buy signed copies of his latest book.  The children were inspired by his talk, some grabbing pen and paper to start writing straightaway!


Enjoy half term! 


Best wishes

Ms Flint.



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Hello and welcome to Class 9 webpage.


We are a mixed class of Y5 and Y6. Our topic this year is the Stone Age.Our reading book this term is Stig of the Dump. Stig of the  dump  is a book about a boy called Barney who falls  in a chalk pit  and meets a man called Stig .In Literacy we are looking at innovative language and using it  for our poems. Our maths work is mental addition and subtraction. Homework is set on a Friday and handed in on a Thursday..The star of the week assembly is held on a Friday so work hard all week.The awards includes:

Class 1-10 Star person

Attendance trophy

Mr Watson's Sporty Award


Mr Watson sometimes does back flips for us in PE lesson.

This year we are doing French instead of Spanish.

The first week back we did a lot of assessments.

On Wednesday's we have Mrs Mills for Art and RE.In RE we are looking at Buddhism.

 In Art we doing cave paintings which will eventually lead up to Street Art.

In PE we are doing Netball.

On Tuesdays and Thursday is Ninja Maths Morning. 

We are also doing Clics and Learn its.


Thank you Hayden, Jacob and Isaac for that round up!

Netball and back flips!

Netball and back flips! 1
Netball and back flips! 2
Netball and back flips! 3
Netball and back flips! 4
Netball and back flips! 5
Netball and back flips! 6
Netball and back flips! 7
Netball and back flips! 8
Netball and back flips! 9
Netball and back flips! 10
Netball and back flips! 11
Netball and back flips! 12
Netball and back flips! 13
Netball and back flips! 14
Netball and back flips! 15
Netball and back flips! 16
We follow a Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum that covers many different topics over the year.  It is a discussion based curriculum, with lots of talk about different issues that will face children both in their day to day life and that they may hear about in the wider world.   I will, of course, make sure that all classrooms discussions are age appropriate and respectful.  If there is anything you need any further information about, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Everyone in years 5 & 6 should know their times tables up to 12 times 12.  The ones that seem to cause most trouble in our class are 6,7,8 and 9 so here are some songs that we use in class to practise them.  Feel free to have a sing at home!

18 6 times table.wma

20 7 times table.wma

22 8 times table.wma

24 9 times table.wma

Grammar has become a big focus of the literacy curriculum in the last few years and there's lots of grammar vocabulary that the children need to learn and remember - and I mean LOTS!  The children will be given a copy of the document below before the Christmas holidays and I have suggested that they take two or three terms each week and make a concerted effort to learn what the word means, just like they make an effort to learn their spellings each week.  I will of course teach them the terminology in school and practise how to use it, but regular repetition of the words at home will really help to make sure that they know them.