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Christmas baubles!

Christmas baubles! 1
Christmas baubles! 2
Christmas baubles! 3
Christmas baubles! 4
Christmas baubles! 5
Christmas baubles! 6
Christmas baubles! 7
Christmas baubles! 8
Christmas baubles! 9
Christmas baubles! 10
Christmas baubles! 11
Christmas baubles! 12
Christmas baubles! 13
Christmas baubles! 14
Christmas baubles! 15
Christmas baubles! 16

Superhero week! Catching baddies and rescuing Mrs Moulds!

Wow what a fantastic half term! The children have been AMAZING! I have the best class in school...and the healthiest! We won the school 'Attendance Award' again this week, FULL ATTENDANCE ALL WEEK! Luella won the star of the week award for being so organised and helpful.

Hope you all have a lovely week with lots of laughing, lots of sleeping, lots of playing and lots of fun!smiley


handwriting  1
handwriting  2
handwriting  3
handwriting  4
handwriting  5
handwriting  6
handwriting  7
handwriting  8
handwriting  9
handwriting  10
handwriting  11
handwriting  12
handwriting  13
handwriting  14
handwriting  15
handwriting  16
handwriting  17
handwriting  18
handwriting  19
handwriting  20
handwriting  21
handwriting  22
handwriting  23
handwriting  24
handwriting  25
handwriting  26
handwriting  27
handwriting  28
handwriting  29
handwriting  30
handwriting  31
handwriting  32
handwriting  33
handwriting  34
handwriting  35
handwriting  36
handwriting  37

Puppy maths!

Puppy maths! 1 how many puppies?
Puppy maths! 2 How many bowls do we need?
Puppy maths! 3
Puppy maths! 4
Puppy maths! 5
Puppy maths! 6
Puppy maths! 7
Puppy maths! 8
Puppy maths! 9
Puppy maths! 10
Puppy maths! 11 How many puppies do we need to take out?
Puppy maths! 12
Puppy maths! 13
Puppy maths! 14 Ah cute!
Puppy maths! 15

Wow the children were amazing in church this morning! We had a lovely walk in the sunshine, sat beautifully, sang amazingly and then we went conker picking on the way back!

We have had FULL attendance this week...again! I have a very lovely and healthy class thank you.

We have had a very busy week this week. We have been doing lots of rhyming work and playing the silly soup game. "I am making silly soup, I am making soup that's silly. I am going to cook it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly!"

We have read lots of Julia Donaldson books and focused on the rhyming words.

We had a brilliant maths lesson putting the puppies in the basket. We had to roll the dice  and then put the correct number of puppies in the basket. Then we had to give the puppies a drink, sometimes the puppies had to share the bowls. How many puppies? How many bowls? What is the number on the dice? We had to line the puppies up so that we counted correctly.  Then we recorded our work by writing numbers or drawing pictures of the puppies and the bowls. 

Have a lovely weekend. If you go for a lovely autumn walk, please would you collect leaves, sticks and petals for our mud kitchen?

Thank you very much.


Welcome to class 1!

Thank you for coming to have a look at our class page. We are very excited about showing you what we will be doing during the year. We will be updating this page regularly so please keep checking. I will put our weekly newsletter on here at the end of the week or sometimes I will put on photos.

We have lots of lovely activities planned for the term! Learning lots of new routines, new faces and new information! We will have lots of fun in and out of the classroom.


Just a few reminders to help everyone's days run more smoothly.....

  1. It can take time for children to settle: it is a big change and an exciting new adventure. We know it's hard if your child is getting upset at drop off time, but they do settle quicker once their parent has left. So grit your teeth, smile, say goodbye and leave! Thank you very much for your cooperation and support.
  2. Children need to bring a water bottle every day that can be refilled during the day-it helps our brains work. Do not put water bottles in the reading folders as we don't want any spillages and ruined books ahhh!
  3. We will have P.E twice a week (days to be confirmed), but P.E bags stay in school until half term (unless they are particularly dirty). On P.E days it would be very helpful if girls wear socks or trousers, tights are a bit tricky.
  4. The best way to help and support your child is to read with them every day. Read their school book with them and sign the reading record book. Remember to read all different types of books, magazines, letters, signposts......everything!
  5. LABEL LABEL LABEL everything please! Keep checking that labels are still attached.
  6. If I have a concern about your child, I will contact you immediately. Please don't worry, just be reassured that everything is going well and your child is happy, settled and learning well. Equally, if you have a worry or have a concern please come and see me at the end of the day or phone the office to arrange a suitable time to talk. The start of the day can be a bit hectic! 
  7. Remember children will be very tired at the end of the day , so allow them to time to relax before asking them questions about their day!

Thank you very much.

Mrs Jones and class 1.



Book characters

Wow first week done and what a brilliant week it was! The children are coming into school happily and putting all their belongings away independently.

They all presented their “All about me” bag to the class and everyone listened so well. Their bags were then used to inspire the activities for the week. We had maps and books about different countries, tractors, farms, Superhero costumes, shells ……

On Friday the children went into the school assembly (which we don’t usually do until week 3!) which is the celebration assembly. Each teacher chooses 1 child from their class to receive the star trophy, someone who has been kind, helpful, worked hard, persevered or has just been generally lovely! I chose Darcey this week as she is so helpful and good at tidying up, a very important skill in Reception! We also won the attendance award as we had 100% attendance, we have to share it with 2 other classes.

Next week we will be learning about dinosaurs! We will be reading dinosaur stories and information books, sorting dinosaurs by their different characteristics and size. We will be digging for dinosaurs, feeding dinosaurs and trying to get them out of an ice egg!

We will be continuing with our baseline activities, finding out exactly what each child knows and then we can plan what we need to teach them.

If your child has any dinosaur books or dinosaur toys that they would like to show that would be great, please make sure they are labelled! Thank you.

P.E will be on a Tuesday afternoon. It would really help if girls avoided wearing tights on this day for the first term, unless they can put them on independently! Thank you very much.

Weekly News.

Week ending 15th September 2017


Understanding the world.


Role play

We have had a fantastic dinosaur week! We have had dinosaurs in the kitchen, in the sandpit, the water tray, in swamps EVERYWHERE!

We have made dinosaur skeletons which are already up on display.

We have been looking at shapes this week. The children have created dinosaur shape pictures with sponges and paper shapes.

We have set up a Frozen house where the children can dress up, act out the story and SING!! We also have an I pad in the house so they can listen and sing along to the Frozen songs.

We have also got a castle inside and the apparatus is a pirate ship!


Next week!


We have looked at lots of books about dinosaurs. We have read all the Harry and the dinosaur books!


We will be acting out the story of The Pied Piper on Tuesday with the Theatre company. Thank you for much for all your contributions, if we don’t collect enough money, in the future we will be unable to have the company visit in the future.


Reception 2017

Reception 2017 1
Reception 2017 2
Reception 2017 3
Reception 2017 4
Reception 2017 5
Reception 2017 6