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Footballing Superkids!


I am sending this message to our amazing Girls football team, who are Grantham and District Champions for the second year in a row. This post is being written from my sickbed and I am gutted to have missed your superb performances. Nonetheless, really well done .  I know that Mrs Flint, Mr Louth and Mr Watson were thrilled to have witnessed your success.


Skegness here we come! 



Exciting news!

Author, Dan walker, will be visiting school on Wednesday 18th October. His latest book, Sky Thieves , is a popular fantasy adventure, which some of our children have already heard of and admire. He will be speaking to children from Class 8, 9 and 10 and we are very fortunate that he is able to give up some time to visit us.

He will be bringing copies of his books for children to buy at a cost of £6.50


His visit is happening during school time and we are very much looking forward to meeting him.

Year 6 enjoying a successful day at Flag Fen
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                                                                                The Mystery Man


       Hidden down at the edge of the pit,

       where a world of unknown mysteries hide


        and the sound of gushing wind throwing the unwanted waste ,

         as well as echoes of silence wanders round the pit,


          and the pitch-black boulders lie like slumbering  lions,

           deep down in the glooming pit, a man is stalling all alone.


           He waits for his fire to burn and then there it is a red hot,

           burning orange with golden flames,

           right in front of his dark black eyes.


           Thoughts pass,

            pass through his mind.


           There, in his snug cave at the depth of this ebony home .


            The fire is burning, roaring, blazing with vicious emotions.


            You can here the silence of expectations,

             Will something  jump out at you?


             He Sleeps peacefully , now, whilst the fire burns out, at the stroke of midnight.


             Be soundless,

             be soundless,

              be soundless.






Well done to Maddie and Stephen;  two early 'Stars of the Week'.

Hello to all the new Year Six children.


I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday and hope you have enjoyed the long break. We have so many exciting plans for you during this very important year and I know that every single one of you will achieve more than you might imagine, express new and existing talents throughout the coming terms and by the time we reach the end of our journey together, you will be fully prepared for new adventures in the wider world.


For now, be prepared to work as hard as ever, bring enthusiasm, endeavour and excitement with you (as well as PE kit, which you'll need on Tuesdays, for all the extra curricula clubs, matches, unexpected sporting events etc.)


See you very soon.


Mr H

The squad of 2016/2017, enjoying ice creams, courtesy of Mrs Crowson.

The squad of 2016/2017, enjoying ice creams, courtesy of Mrs Crowson.  1
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