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Matthew's handwriting. What an incredible improvement.

Matthew's handwriting. What an incredible improvement.  1

A beautiful extract from the pen of Sam:


The trees swayed in the cold ,mysterious breeze, bowing politely to the darkness. Clouds watched the gloom spread across the dreary sky. The moon returned early to add luna luminescence to the malicious weather, as the sound of rodents tapped across the decrepit earth, accompanied by midnight foxes, howling from distant places. 

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We have an exciting opportunity to meet a young author this week. Jessica Collett is visiting and will be reading and signing copies of her book, 'The girl in the Abbey' on Tuesday 16th.


We have been working on this book in class and the children have really enjoyed it so far and are desperate to find out how the story ends. 


Should any of the children wish to buy a copy of the book for themselves, signed by Jessica, the cost is £5. 


Happy reading, kids!


Now that September is behind us, I expect all children to carry out some work at home.


  • They should be reading every day, preferably sharing their ideas and questions about their reading with an adult. 
  • The spellings for this term are a revision of previous learning and this follows the National Curriculum statements for Year 6.
  • There will be some short handwriting tasks every week to support our whole school drive for overall improvement in this area. 
  • Short differentiated maths tasks which relate to the learning in the classroom. 


I will send homework on a Thursday and would like it to be returned by the following Tuesday. 


Children know that they can seek my help with homework, should any problems arise. 





Hello Class 10


Please learn your part from the poem:

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Please see the document below for an overview of your child's learning this term:

We are delighted to provide you with our latest PSHE (Personal, social, health and education) curriculum and Collective Worship focus. You may wish to chat to your child about what we have been learning and discussing each week.

Hello, Class 10!


It is almost the beginning of term and i am very much looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. I hope you have had a thoroughly lovely Summer break and are refreshed and ready to begin Year Six. 


We have lots to do and much to learn and I am excited to be given the privilege to take you talented, intelligent, creative young people on this learning journey. You are already very well prepared for what will be a challenging, yet rewarding year and you won't believe how much you will grow, and mature this year and the time will shoot by like Usain Bolt (or like me when somebody has offered me a sweet).  


Should you read this before Tuesday, please remember to bring a PE kit, which you should always have in school, a drink bottle and your smart selves, looking resplendent and eager to learn.  Year Six is often a celebration of what you have achieved during Primary School, it is a time to make sure that you are independent and fully prepared for the wider world and  an opportunity to build some ever-lasting memories and I am sure you will all have a really enjoyable final year at Long Bennington. 


Can't wait to see you!


Mr Haigh