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Year 4/5 Residential January 2018

Dear Parents and Carers


Food Order for Friday lunch.


As you know, your child requires a packed lunch on Friday to eat while we are at RAF Scampton. We will be providing this for them with a packed lunch that includes a filled roll, a cake bar or cereal bar a piece of fruit and a drink. We will be ensuring that all food intolerances and allergies are taken into account when providing food for the children.


Can you please tick the box for the filled roll that your child would like:


Cheese, jam, tuna or egg.


We will then make a spreadsheet so that we are able to pack up the appropriate lunch for every pupil while the children are (hopefully) sleeping on Thursday night.


The food that you will need to provide for your child will be:

  • Normal lunch in school on Thursday daytime if your child normally has a packed lunch;

  • A snack for having when we arrive at The Deep;

  • A Packed tea for Thursday night;

  • Drinks and a water bottle.


Children can come in their own clothes on Thursday morning.

Children can bring up to £5 pocket money in a named purse to spend in the gift shop.


If there is anything further you need to know, please call and we will be able to answer your questions.


Yours Sincerely,


Mrs R J King


Dear Parents and Carers of children in Years 4 and 5,


We are rapidly approaching the Y4/5 residential visit next week, so here are a few last minute details you need to know before we get going.


Mrs King has visited The Deep and done a full risk assessment with the ‘Crew’ who will be hosting us for the evening.

The itinerary will be as follows:

We should arrive at the venue at approximately 5.30pm on Thursday (traffic permitting) and the coach will be met by the Crew outside of the venue.

After toileting, having a drink and a snack there will be a talk from the staff that will ensure we have appropriate fire and Health and Safety information, we will be split into two teams. One will do a guided tour of the exhibition and one will do a science workshop with the team to make slime.

We will then swap so all the children have done both activities.

We will have our packed tea in the atrium room where we will be sleeping in front of the large tanks.

After tea, there will then be craft workshops where the children will make badges and write postcards home.

Bedtime will be around 9.30pm where we will read a story (or two) and then bed down for the night. Hopefully to get some sleep although I imagine it might take some time…….

The staff will get us up at about 6.30-6.45am.

We will get washed and dressed and we go to the café area for breakfast of toast and cereals. Groups at a time will go to the gift shop to spend their pocket money.

We will visit the penguins because they will have been unavailable in the evening when we arrived due to the need to keep the artificial light in their enclosure as close to natural timings as possible, therefore they would have been asleep or at least inactive the evening before.

We will depart (once we have rounded up all their belongings) between 8.00am and 8.30am so that the staff can get the area ready for opening to the public at 10.00am.


When we leave Hull we will make our way to RAF Scampton where we will be met by an ex-Red Arrows pilot who will show us around the Heritage Museum.

We will have lunch at Scampton, leaving there at approx. 1.30pm to arrive at school for 2.30pm at the latest.


Once the children have arrived back in school, we will let you know via Twitter and the website and you will be free to collect them if you wish or they can stay here until usual collection time at 3.30pm.


Key things you need to know:

  • Your child MUST have a sleeping mat, a sleeping bag and a pillow;

  • They need to bring a snack for arrival at The Deep and a packed tea for Thursday night;

  • There are water bottle filling stations around the building so please provide a bottle so they can refill and keep regularly hydrated;


  • The adults going will have a school mobile that will be used for contacts in an emergency;

  • There will be security staff as well as crew on duty all night to ensure that the children are safe and supervised at all times. Nominated teaching staff will also be awake and on duty;

  • We will make a pack-up for them to eat at Scampton on Friday, a separate form will come out to ask what filled roll your child would like in their lunch;

  • We will aim to update the school Twitter feed with pictures and information as often as possible, if you are not already following us, you can find us at @longbennac

  • The adults who are taking the trip will be Mrs King, Mrs Mills, Mr Haigh, Ms Butterfield and Mrs Flint who together all have considerable experience of school trips and residentials.

  • ALL medicines including travel sickness tablets should be handed in to the office on Thursday morning and will be kept securely by the staff. If your child has an inhaler they need to keep it themselves on their person so they can access it quickly if they need it. If your child needs an epi-pen we will take the pen we have in school however if you can give us a second pen as well this would be most useful.



If you have not sent back your child’s medical form please do so as a matter of urgency, if not by end of school today then by Monday morning.


If you have any further questions or concerns please call the office and we will be able to help you.


Yours Sincerely,


Mrs R J King

Presentation to Parents - The Deep trip January 2018