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Year 3



Comment on the way characters relate to one another.

Know which words are essential in a sentence to retain meaning.

Draw inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions.

Recognise how commas are used to give more meaning.

Recognise inverted commas


o plurals

o pronouns and how used

o collective nouns

o adverbs

Explain the difference that the precise choice of adjectives and verbs make.



Use conjunctions (when, so, before, after, while, because).

Use adverbs (e.g. then, next, soon).

Use prepositions (e.g. before, after, during, in, because of).

Experiment with adjectives to create impact.

Correctly use verbs in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person.

Use perfect form of verbs to mark relationships of time and cause.

Use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.

Group ideas into basic paragraphs.

Write under headings and sub-headings.

Write with increasing legibility, consistency and fluency.