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Y6 Residential June 2018

Residential Kit List


Ahead of the Easter holiday, here is a suggested kit list for the trip to Somerset this year if you need to purchase anything especially:

Lightweight showerproof jacket/coat;

Footwear suitable for lots of walking - including climbing. Children may be on their feet for hours at a time and need stout, comfortable and waterproof footwear;

Indoor shoes - slippers or flip-flops for moving round inside dorms and showers;

Wash bag with shower gel, toothpaste etc. NO AEROSOL DEODORANTS PLEASE!

Plenty of towels as we may be going to the beach;

A couple of large plastic bags for wet/dirty laundry to protect clean clothes in the suitcase;

Children can bring their swimwear if they wish, however we may not get to be in the sea dependent on weather and tides;

Tee- shirts to cover shoulders - no strappy tops please because we will be out of the Youth Hostel for hours at a time and it will be hard to see if children are getting sunburned until it is too late. Cover shoulders please.

A hat or even two!

Sun cream that is easy for them to apply themselves;

A ruck sack and water bottle that will be needed to be carried with them at all times;

Lightweight trousers and shorts - not denim! Jeans take too long to dry if they get wet;

Layers - prepare for any weather by building up layers of tee-shirt and jumpers that you can take off and put into a ruck-sack if it gets hot;

Underwear - plenty of dry socks please! Last year we spent the whole week being rained on and dry feet made a huge difference;

No digital cameras, phones or games please. We will not take responsibility for these and they are not necessary.

Cheddar Gorge Powerpoint