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Leavers 2017

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rounder's match 10th July 2017

 you can tell some people are ready Miss Bowden all dressed up

Hi, we are the Long Bennington Year6 News Team.


Our names are  Aston Killett, Jamie Craven founders of the news team, Benjamin Wilson editor, James Pinder photographic expert  for the news team and Matthew Gooden video producer.   


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For more information about the residential please visit NEWS AND LETTERS - NORTHUMBERLAND 2017

y5 and 6 performance is tomorrow and we have been busy practicing and we cannot wait to show you all of our hard work. From singing to dancing to the acting itself we are sure you WILL

enjoy our production of OLIVER on the 14th of July 2017.

were off on the residential yay

New news team awaits!

Cameron ,Year 4, can't wait for the new news team to start

along with many others

but it will be hard to let go of this on-going job.


Written by News teamsad

Year 6 play auditions.


On Tuesday year 6 had the opportunity to audition for the musical Oliver.

For people who did not want too have a speaking part there is options to have a smaller role or  

be a stage hand etc. We all think this will be the best show yet.


Written by Jamie Craven smileyno

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Were back after our break and its nearly time for sats so we will keep you updated.

Hello we are the news team we hope you've had a great Easter we did too.

Since we were back we have already had an Easter service in church and success in the hockey tournament.

We have lots to do this term including year 6 sats which we will keep you informed on.

Goodbye for now see you soon.

Year 6 residential confirmed see News and letters Northumberland 2017 and for PowerPoint presentation 

We are putting up a display by the year 5 and 6 hallway,

about our news page ,

for people who don't have access to the internet,

however it is currently awaiting content.


Written by Jamie Cravensmiley




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Exercise Club




On a Monday lunchtime there will be an Exercise Club ran by Freddie Booth and Ed Donaldson

it will be on at 12:00 to 12:30

there is no sign ups just come along,

Have fun and Get Fit!

(you will need your PE Kit and trainers.)

Freddie Booth (left) Ed Donaldson (right)

Freddie Booth (left) Ed Donaldson (right) 1

Never trust the pupils at Long Benno😂

Never trust the pupils at Long Benno😂 1

Pink Hair!



Here at Long Bennington School Mr Haigh started a challenge; To collect more 1p's , 2p's and 5p's and make them weigh more than a 3kg weight &a we made it weigh 5kg so Mr Haigh had to spray his hair pink!


Written by Aston Killett😎✌🏻😀



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Our Museum

Our Museum 1
Our Museum 2
Our Museum 3
Our Museum 4
Our Museum 5

Very busy museum

Very busy museum 1
Very busy museum 2



                                                                               11+ bond practise!


Come to Mr Haigh's and Mrs King's  11+ bond tests verbal and non-verbal reasoning on all Mondays from 12 o'clock to half past 12, because it's fun, it helps you to get into secondary school and it's amazing!

Y 5 6 play (sneekpeek)

Y 5 6 play (sneekpeek) 1
Y 5 6 play (sneekpeek) 2
Y 5 6 play (sneekpeek) 3
Y 5 6 play (sneekpeek) 4
Y 5 6 play (sneekpeek) 5


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More sneekpeeks

More sneekpeeks 1
More sneekpeeks 2
More sneekpeeks 3
More sneekpeeks 4


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