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Hello, we are the Clubs & Hobbies page Founders. Our names are Monty Weaver & Matthew McLaughlin. We  will be showing you lots of clubs and hobbies that people do in and out of school. We will be around the school  and if you would like to be interviewed or share your clubs or hobbies please feel free to come to us! surprise

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(left to right Monty Matthew)



By Monty Weaver and Matthew McLaughlin


An example Interviewing Monty Weaver age 11 year 6 - His Hobby is Model Railways


What made you interested in your hobby?

I like trains and my Dad has a model railway


How old were you when you started this hobby?

I was 4 when I started collecting my own model railway but before that I was allowed to use my Dads.


What can you tell us about your hobby?

The trains are continental trains meaning they are both made in the Continent and modelled on continental trains.

I have engines, wagons and coaches. The average size of an engine is 8cm, they are very detailed and complicated meaning they are fragile and hard to look after, so I still need a little help from good old Dad!laughlaugh







If anyone else would like to share their hobby with us on the school website please see Monty Weaver or Matthew McLaughlin. If you don’t know where to find us please ask your teacher for help or to pass on a message to us.yes

Thank you

This Photo is of Monty Weaver and his sister, Henrietta, inside his layout.
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Matthew McLaughlin age 11 year 6- his club is football


What made you interested in your hobby?

My dad wanted me to play football which I enjoyed.


How old were you when you started your hobby?

I was 6 years old when I started playing for a team.


What can you tell us about your hobby?

Well, you kick a ball with your foot and shooting when close enough to the goal. You need to learn how to play in football in football boots.





Jamie Craven age 11 year 6 interview-cat training


What made you interested in your hobby?


I like cats and my cat likes treats so I decided to make him do tricks to get treats.


How old were you when you started his hobby?


I was eight and ever since, he comes to me at midnight hoping for treats. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat.


What can you tell us about your hobby?


I started off with the basics making him jump for treats. Then gradually moved onto bigger stuff like making him stand on his hind legs with his paws around my hand to retrieve the treat. You don't need any hand protection but don't hold the treat too firmly or he may nip you by accident.

We are very sorry that we have not been uploading recently. The internet was down so we will continue as normal from today unless the internet is gone, yet again.surprise



                                                                                                    -Monty and Matthew