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Guided reading with the girls!

Guided reading with the girls! 1
Guided reading with the girls! 2

A very fun P.E lesson.

A very fun P.E lesson. 1
A very fun P.E lesson. 2
A very fun P.E lesson. 3
A very fun P.E lesson. 4
A very fun P.E lesson. 5
A very fun P.E lesson. 6
A very fun P.E lesson. 7
A very fun P.E lesson. 8
A very fun P.E lesson. 9
A very fun P.E lesson. 10
A very fun P.E lesson. 11
A very fun P.E lesson. 12
A very fun P.E lesson. 13
A very fun P.E lesson. 14
A very fun P.E lesson. 15
A very fun P.E lesson. 16
A very fun P.E lesson. 17

The bottle greenhouse.

The bottle greenhouse. 1
The bottle greenhouse. 2
The bottle greenhouse. 3
The bottle greenhouse. 4
The bottle greenhouse. 5
The bottle greenhouse. 6
The bottle greenhouse. 7
The bottle greenhouse. 8
The bottle greenhouse. 9
The bottle greenhouse. 10
The bottle greenhouse. 11
The bottle greenhouse. 12
The bottle greenhouse. 13
The bottle greenhouse. 14
The bottle greenhouse. 15
The bottle greenhouse. 16
The bottle greenhouse. 17
The bottle greenhouse. 18
The bottle greenhouse. 19

Gymnastics with ribbons.

Gymnastics with ribbons. 1
Gymnastics with ribbons. 2
Gymnastics with ribbons. 3
Gymnastics with ribbons. 4
Gymnastics with ribbons. 5
Gymnastics with ribbons. 6
Gymnastics with ribbons. 7
Gymnastics with ribbons. 8
Gymnastics with ribbons. 9
Gymnastics with ribbons. 10
Gymnastics with ribbons. 11
Gymnastics with ribbons. 12
Gymnastics with ribbons. 13
Gymnastics with ribbons. 14
Gymnastics with ribbons. 15
Gymnastics with ribbons. 16
Gymnastics with ribbons. 17
Gymnastics with ribbons. 18
Gymnastics with ribbons. 19
Gymnastics with ribbons. 20
Gymnastics with ribbons. 21
Gymnastics with ribbons. 22
Gymnastics with ribbons. 23
Gymnastics with ribbons. 24
Gymnastics with ribbons. 25
Gymnastics with ribbons. 26
Gymnastics with ribbons. 27


We are having our P.E  session every Tuesday and Thursday this term. When the weather is good we will be on the field.

The children must have a pair of trainers to wear outside please. Thank you very much.smiley


Weekly news. 5ththMay 2017



We have loved reading the story of the ‘Elephant and the bad baby’. We sequenced the story and talked about what happened now, first, next and last. We used these words to start our sentences e.g. First the bad baby went to the ice cream shop.

We now have a reminder sheet to use when we have finished our writing to check that we have remembered to include everything….full stops, capital letters, connectives etc.

We have been doubling numbers this week. We listened to the doubling number zoo song on u tube to help us remember. Then we made our own printed dominoes, we used big sticks and folded the paper in half to double the number of spots.

1+1=2 double 2 is 4 half of 4 is 2


Physical Development

Understanding the World


We went on the field this week which was very exciting! We continued improving our ball skills. Rolling the ball and stopping it with our foot, knee and head!

Charlie bought in an amazing book about whales which we thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing all ready for next week.

We will be focusing our work on The whale and the snail book by Julia Donaldson. Finding out about animals that live in water. Looking at maps and finding the sea and rivers. We will be watching Barnaby Bear on his travels to the seaside and to rivers.









Summer term overview


Weekly News.

Week ending 21st April 2017.

Understanding the world.



We have learnt about wasps this week as they featured in our book of the week ‘The giant jam sandwich’. We compared wasps to different animals and discussed their similarities and differences.

We had another visit from

Shona McCallin. Gold medal hockey player from the 2016 Rio Olympics and ex pupil from our school! She presented an amazing assembly all about the pressure we are all under and how to cope with it.

We counted to 100, did quick counting of pictures then we doubled and halved numbers…and that was just the intro! Then we talked about when we take something away from a group of objects we have a smaller amount and the number gets less. We made up number stories about the animals. If we have 5 elephants and 2 go to the water hole, how many elephants will there be? Then we talked about how to write the number sentence to support the sentence 5-3=2



Next week!

We had a great lesson with our new P.E coach Mike. We did a great ‘bean’ warm up…magic bean, runner bean, French bean, baked bean! Then we practised rolling the ball, running after it and stopping it. We worked with a partner and rolled it for them. We finished with a game where we worked in teams, collected a ball from the middle and rolled it back to our team.

We have been busy setting up an animal library. We have painted pictures of the animals from ‘Dear zoo’. We have chosen non -fiction books about the animals from ‘Dear zoo’. We have created our own pages from the book, drawing the animal in the enclosure and writing the description.


We will be focusing on the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. Looking at the food he ate and discussing how healthy it was or wasn’t.


PSHE Summer term

The Princess and the wizard-making cakes for the party.

Busy in the outdoor classroom.


P.E 1
P.E 2
P.E 3
P.E 4
P.E 5
P.E 6
P.E 7
P.E 8

The day the dragon came to school....

The day the dragon came to school.... 1
The day the dragon came to school.... 2
The day the dragon came to school.... 3
The day the dragon came to school.... 4

Weekly News.

Week ending 27th January 2017.

Understanding the world.



This week we have looked at Victorian schools. We are glad we go to school now a days! We particularly liked the names children had in Victorian times….Lettuce, Zebra and Happy! We wrote registers of the children’s names and really enjoyed calling the register!

We had some students in on Monday learning how to teach phonics. They watched us do our phonics sessions then they had a go at teaching us! Pretty good.

We have been working on recognising numbers 1-10 quickly and counting on 1 and back 1. We have been learning our ‘Learn its’ 2+2=4 3+3=6 4+4=8 5+5=10. We have also been completing addition problems and writing the number sentence to go with them.


Next week!

We have been listening really carefully to instructions. We have to pretend to do the washing….slow wash-walking, medium wash-skipping, fast wash-running. Then we put in a scarf-tall shape, a dress-star shape and shorts-a tuck shape. Then it gets tricky when we have to put a dress on a medium wash and shorts on a slow wash!


We will be learning about Victorian toys. We will be sequencing toys in order of age.

If you go for a walk this week, wrap up warm, could you collect sticks, pine cones, stones etc. for us to use in our outdoor area please. Thank you very much.

Weekly News.

Week ending 13th January 2017.

Understanding the world.



We have been learning about Queen Victorian to begin our topic of ‘Fact or Fiction’. We have talked about how life was different a long time ago!

We made hot chocolate, playdoh and Victoria sponge cake. We talked about how all the ingredients looked/felt, then we mixed them all and cooked them. We discussed how the ingredients has change when it was heated. The cake tasted delicious too!

Amazing writing from everybody this week! We have new writing targets to give us an extra focus.

We wrote facts about Queen Victoria.

We have been recognising numbers quickly! We have been looking at shapes, making shapes with elastic bands and masking tape. We have counted the sides and the corners, we have compared all the different shapes.


Next week!

We drew and painted portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the glamorous clothes (Joshua and Eliza sat very still!). We painted pictures, we drew pictures on the computer and we took photos on the I pads and drew on them too!


We hope the hot chocolate warmed you up on Friday after school! We will do it again another week.


Writing about Queen Victoria.

Fact or Fiction?

This term we will be learning all about the Victorians and how life was different. We will be comparing our lives to life in the Victorian times. We have already learnt facts about Queen Victoria, who she married and how many children she had.

We have started finding out about nurses Florence Nightingale and Mary Secole, how they improved hospitals by making them cleaner, provided healthy food and allowed the nurses to treat the patients.

We will be looking at Victorian toys, how the Victorians did the washing and how school life was different.

A very exciting term!

Room on the broom!

Room on the broom! 1

                      Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2017!

A massive THANK YOU for all the lovely presents and cards that I received for Christmas. I really enjoyed opening them all on Christmas day. I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas holiday with lots of fun and games!

I am looking forward to a busy term! We have lots of fun activities planned linked to Fairy tales and the Victorians. We will be using the whole of our outdoor area and we look forward to learning lots outside and inside! So please make sure children have warm coats, gloves, hats, scarves and wellington boots (all named of course!).

P.E kits need to be returned to school too!

See you on Wednesday.

Mrs Jones

Making ladders for our rockets!

Making ladders for our rockets! 1
Making ladders for our rockets! 2
Making ladders for our rockets! 3
Making ladders for our rockets! 4
Making ladders for our rockets! 5

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....guess who?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....guess who? 1

Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta.

Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 1
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 2
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 3
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 4
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 5
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 6
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 7
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 8
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 9
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 10
Indian experience day! Dancing with Sinitta. 11

Welcome to class 1!

Thank you for coming to have a look at our class page. We are very excited about showing you what we will be doing during the year.


We will be updating this page regularly so please keep checking. I will put our weekly newsletter on here at the end of the week.

We have lots of lovely activities planned for the term! Learning lots of new routines, new faces and new information! We will have lots of fun in and out of the classroom.


Just a few reminders to help everyone's days run more smoothly.....

  1. It can take time for children to settle: it is a big change and an exciting new adventure. We know it's hard if your child is getting upset at drop off time, but they do settle quicker once their parent has left. So grit your teeth, smile, say goodbye and leave! Thank you.
  2. Children need to bring a water bottle every day that can be refilled during the day-it helps our brains work. Please do not put them in the reading folders as we don't want any spillages and ruined books ahhh!
  3. We will have P.E twice a week (days to be confirmed), but P.E bags stay in school until half term (unless they are particularly dirty). On P.E days it would be very helpful if girls wear socks or trousers, tights are a bit tricky.
  4. The best way to help and support your child is to read with them every day. Read their school book with them and sign the reading record book. Remember to read all different types of books, magazines, letters, signposts......everything!
  5. LABEL LABEL LABEL everything please! Keep checking that labels are still attached.
  6. If I have a concern about your child, I will contact you immediately. Please don't worry, just be reassured that everything is going well and your child is happy, settled and learning well. Equally, if you have a worry or have a concern please come and see me at the end of the day or phone the office to arrange a suitable time to talk. The start of the day can be a bit hectic! 

Thank you very much.

Mrs Jones and class 1.



Weekly News.

Week ending 25th November 2016.


We had a fantastic shape, space and measures session on Thursday. We had scales, measuring blocks, pattern making and 2D and 3D shapes activities. The children created their own maths problems. Which is the heaviest car? How do we know? What colour comes next in the repeating pattern? How many more cubes do we need to reach the end of the table?

On Friday we set up lots of shops. A toy shop, tool shop, book shop, cafe and a shoe shop! The shop keepers took their jobs very seriously! I think the shoe shop was the most popular especially the red high heel boots! We used money to buy the objects, just £1 and 1p coins (otherwise it gets a bit confusing!)


Next week!

The Christmas concert is coming on really well! We have gone through the whole concert with dancers and the band playing. We have been on the stage which is very exciting!

Look out next week for the letter about concert outfits. We don’t need anything crazy and wacky making so don’t worry!


Please could each child bring in an empty plastic bottle so we can make a rocket! We will be looking at the different parts of rockets and naming them. Then we will design our own rocket. We will make our rocket by following our design carefully so they all look very individual. We will add an electric circuit to light our rocket up! Thank you very much.



Weekly News.

Week ending 18th November 2016.

Literacy/Understanding the World


Smarty the penguin story-how to be safe when using the internet. Always ask an adult to help you if the computer goes wrong or a message comes up from a stranger.

Trace, cut and stick picture of Smarty the penguin. Writing a sentence using our key words: It is a.

Newswriting- finger spaces, writing the initial letter of each word and putting a full stop at the end.



Lots of counting objects. More work on 1 more. If the teddies have a picnic and we need 1 more sandwich/plate/cake/ice cream, how many will we have?

If the bears are getting dressed how many more socks/shoes/hats/scarves do we need? 1 more.

Threading beads/building towers/pegs on boards, if we add 1 more how many more will we have?

Shapes-looking at shapes all around us. How many sides do they have? How many corners? Are the shapes the same/different?

Role play



The children have been playing Superhero games but sometimes the Superheroes fight! We are setting up a Superhero den and gym where the superheroes have special powers. This allows them to help other people (rather than fight!). So if the bus is stuck on the mountain, then the Superhero with special strength powers can rescue the people in the bus. If little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, the superhero with x-ray vision can help look for the sheep!


What shape are the windows in your house? What shape is the roof? How many windows are in your house? Are they all the same shape?

Week beginning 7th November 2016.

Literacy/Understanding the World


We have read the story Q Pootle 5 this week which is a very similar story to our Christmas concert. We have travelled to the moon! We have put on our space suits and packed our bags. We traced, cut and stuck a picture of

Q Pootle 5 and wrote a sentence using our key words it is.

In Phonics sessions we are continuing to learn the initial letters, the name, sound and correct letter formation. Remembering that all letters start at the top except for the naughty e that starts in the middle!

We have been counting aliens, rockets and astronauts around the school and in our outdoor classroom. We have the maths wizard outside who gives us maths jobs to do....find and count all the stars and help Q Pootle 5 put the rockets in order.

We have been making 5 this week. I f we have 4 astronauts on the rocket how many more do we need to make 5 astronauts altogether. What is the missing number?




We have been doing lots of dough disco this week to exercise our fingers.

We travelled to the moon in our P.E session. We had to balance on one leg when we landed on the moon craters. Fist the left leg and then the right leg, we had to bend our knee and hold our arms out to stop us from falling over! How long can you balance on 1 leg?

We have painted and glued giant rocket pictures to put up on the display! We will add astronauts to show our maths work of making 5. We have also sung a song about astronauts banging their heads on the moon!

We were very lucky today to have

 Shona McCallin come into school today. Shona came to our school years ago and she is Mrs Briggs niece. She has just won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics with the ladies hockey team!!! She showed us her kit, photos of her at the Olympics and her GOLD medal!! Very, very exciting!

Week beginning 17th October 2016



We have read lots of books this week about frogs and Autumn. We did our trace, cut and stick picture of a frog. We have been writing/mark making with chalk, pens, mud, crayons and paint! We all have our letter game to play over the holiday to help us prepare for next term!

We are continuing to count to 10 and 20. Lining the objects up and saying one number for each object. We have started counting groups of objects on a picture, marking each picture off as we count. We have sung lots of number songs.

Physical Development

Understanding the World


We have had such a good term with Graham the coach. We have worked in teams, in pairs and individually. We have played games with the balls, throwing and catching!

We have been learning about how the weather is changing. We have looked at lots of different books about Autumn-story books and information books. We collected lots of leaves and looked at the different colours.

Wow what a busy half term we have all had!

The children have all settled in so well. We have had really good fun, learnt lots and made lots of new friends!

Thank you to all the parents for all your support and patience. Please remember we are here if you need us or if you are worried about anything!

Lots of sleep, play and fun is needed this holiday! Have fun.

Book characters

Home support


Week 3



Lots of Dough Disco finger exercising this week!

We have started our morning phonics sessions in small groups. Using our ears to listen to different sounds outside and inside. What can you hear? We have listened to different animal sounds.

We listened to lots of poems about Pirates and all their activities. Walking the plank, hunting for treasure, sailing the seas, wearing a hat and eating yukky pirate food!

We have been counting to 10 this week. We have been counting objects and when there are only 1, 2 or 3 objects we can just say the answer (no need to count).

We went on a counting hunt! With our clipboards and counting sheets we counted pirates, parrots and pirate ships!

Physical Development

Understanding the World


P.E is on Tuesday every week. We are getting super speedy at changing into our P.E kits. We are finding P.E very, very exciting!

We started our ‘Trace, cut and stick’ work which helps with our fine motor skills.

We travelled to different destinations on our Pirate journey and discovered lots of new animals and new places. Parrots, dolphins and penguins!

Thank you to everyone who came to our ‘Pop in’ session on Thursday. We will arrange it on a different day next time so other parents may attend. It was so good to see the children so confident in our classroom! They really have settled in well.

Thank you also for supporting our Pirate day. We had a fantastic session with dancing, acting and lots of excitement! The work we do in the next few works will continue from this exciting day.





Expressive Arts

We have made Pirate faces with pirate hats-Mrs Moulds worked with the children so the hats are very flamboyant! They are now on display with their speech bubbles. What does a pirate say when he walks the plank, eats yukky food, finds treasure?


Week 2


Personal, Social and Emotional Development,

We have been talking about our weekends and even had a go at writing about it.

We have done lots of mark making on large pieces of paper and small pieces, on white boards and chalk boards, with chalk and paint!

We looked at books about pirates, the seaside, animals and letters.

We have been doing lots of talking about our “Golden Rules”. We must always walk in the school building and in the outdoor classroom. We can run and scream and shout at playtime! We must be kind to other people. We must treat people and things with respect, we must all work together at tidy up time!

Physical Development

Expressive Arts


We got dressed for P.E! We were pretty quick too. We had a fantastic lesson with Graham our coach. Working with a partner and rolling the ball. P.E lessons are on Tuesday afternoons.

We are loving exercising our fingers during Dough Disco. Some children are being the teacher and telling us what exercises to do next!

We have been doing lots of singing inside and outside. The hokey cokey, head shoulders knees and toes, the dingle dangle scarecrow and old macdonald!

Wow another fantastic week! We are so good at all the routines now. We are remembering to go the toilet before going out to play. We know how important it is to keep drinking, especially in this hot weather. We are eating so much lunch and being very independent.

It is best to give a snack in a packet that can be thrown away or fruit that can be eaten up. If it is in a pot the children have to carry it round all playtime, which they aren’t always keen to do!


Week 1



We have listened to stories about Mr Happy, Mr Bump and Mr Greedy. We have listened carefully and answered questions about the stories.

We have looked at lots of different books linked to our activities, fire engines, animals, Mr Men, dinosaurs, sea animals….

Mr have sorted coloured objects linked to the different coloured Mr Men.

We have sorted shapes, counted objects and recognised objects.

Physical Development

Understanding the World


We have used playdoh to exercise our fingers and dance at the Dough Disco! (All will be explained to you at our meeting soon.)

We have made Mr Happy with playdough and added googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms and legs.

We have talked about how animals are different. Some can walk, some can hop and some can fly. We then looked at lots of different animals.

Wow what a fantastic (and rather long!) week we have had together. The children have been amazing! They have made lots of new friends, learnt new routines and rules. But most of all we have had SO much fun! Thank you to all the parents for being brave, remembering to label everything and for encouraging and supporting your children all week! They really have been brilliant. Hope you all have a lovely weekend with lots of sleep! We definitely will be sleeping a lot!